Reading Through the Bible as a Family: The Question That Took Me By Surprise

Family Bible Reading

Reading Through The Entire Bible as a Family

Family Bible Reading

Last week I posted about how the Bible has transformed our family and how we were going on a new adventure– we have begun reading through the entire Bible as a family. We are one week in, and it has been a blessing.

There is something about reading through each chapter as a family and experiencing this together. I am confident that God has a plan for us and will teach us so much on this adventure!

Yet, if anyone has read the Old Testament, then you know that it is not especially easy to tackle some of the chapters and subject matter. There is some risque stuff in there and some difficult topics. Now for my younger kids, I trust some of the stuff goes over their heads, and if not, I am trusting God will reveal only what is necessary for them. Yet, for my 14-year old, she gets it. 😉

In fact, one night after our reading I started to talk about how some of the subject matter may be a bit uncomfortable. She replied,
“You won’t let us watch this stuff on TV, but if it’s in the Bible it’s ok?” Now, she wasn’t being fresh or even sarcastic, but I could tell she was probably wrestling with why all this stuff was in the Bible in the first place. (quite honestly, I have also at times! 😉 )

Anyway, even though it was a bit uncomfortable, it led us to a great discussion. I simply told her there is much in the Bible we may not understand sometimes, and that is OK. That we will have plenty of time when we get to heaven to have our questions answered 😉

But I also told her how the Old Testament will weave all through into the New Testament and we will see stories of redemption. I told her that we can trust God has a plan for each and every word, and it will all make more sense as we go through it.

I also told her that yes, her statement about not letting her watch inappropriateness on TV is because it is just that- inappropriate. Because in a fallen world, people will always take these subjects and use them for bad. There is no redemption in that kind of entertainment, and I am pretty sure those behind the inappropriateness of TV do not have good intentions. 

But for the Bible…God’s beautiful Word that was written by our Lord..we can be assured that there is no ill-intention, but only used for our good. And that is the difference. He has written each and every word for HIs glory. Even the hard stuff.

Oh, I am interested to see what God has in store for us as we read through the entire Bible together. I just love the routine right now of sitting down in the evening and reading together. All for His glory, as He teaches us in only the way He can.

Join us on the adventure! Share your experience reading through the Bible- use the hashtag #BibleReadingFamily and let’s fill social media with godly posts!


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