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We are studying American History this year, and we have always taught from a Christian worldview. From the littlest kids up to the oldest, we use many Christian resources. I have made a list of some resources for you…for all ages!


American’s Providential History

From Sea to Shing Sea

Rush Revere Series

Imagination Station Series

History for Little Pilgrims

America the Beautiful

The Light and Glory

The Light and the Glory for Young Readers: 1492-1787 (Discovering God’s Plan for America)

A City Upon a Hill

Of Plimoth Plantation

This Country of Ours

Beautiful Feet Books: George Washington

Drive Through History DVDs

For You They Signed

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children

John Adams: Independence Forever (Heroes of History)

Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

Stories of the Pilgrims

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

50 Core American Documents: Required Reading for Students, Teachers, and Citizens (FREE)

Faith of our Founding Fathers

Walking with Lincoln: Spiritual Strength from America’s Favorite President

Through Peril and Sword (historical fiction written by a homeschool teen!)




For More History Resources click——> HERE 






Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

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Movie Review

Monumental: In Search of America’s  Treasure

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I had heard about this move for a long time now, and since this year we are studying American History, I thought it would be the perfect time to watch it. I am so glad we did!

This Kirk Cameron documentary is really inspiring. I love learning about the Pilgrims and their perseverance and strong faith. It is convicting to say the least. In this world where we have every comfort at our fingertips, these people risked everything – life, family, comfort, all of it…for their deep convictions and faith in God.

From Amazon:

Monumental is the story of America’s beginnings. Presented, produced, and starring Kirk Cameron, the 90-minute true story follows this father of six across Europe and the US as he seeks to discover America’s true “national treasure” – the people, places, and principles that made America the freest, most prosperous, and generous nation the world has ever known.


 We visited the Monument of our Forefathers that Mr. Cameron visits in the movie, yet we didn’t know all of the meaning behind it. Now I want to visit again!











For more info on the movie you can either watch it FREE with Amazon Prime or purchase here:

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Ancient Egypt Resources- FREE Lessons!

We LOVED studying Ancient Egypt a few years back. Here are some GREAT resources from our sponsor, and friends at Educents! King Tut Mini Unit - Educents


Students LOVE to learn about King Tut and Ancient Egypt! Download a FREE lesson for kids about Ancient Egypt and jump into King Tut’s history! The freebie has several activities included in this pack, including reading comprehension, math review, map skills, and timeline practice, so there are a multiple ways to use them.


Hieroglyphics Math


King Tut Mini Unit - Educents


Use these fun pages to practice place value and/or addition and subtraction skills! Page 12 of the King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie asks students use the symbols to determine the number. The following page goes a step further and asks students add or subtract numbers.

Fun facts about Ancient Egypt:

  • The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs!
  • Egyptians believed cats were a sacred animal and having a pet cat would bring a household good luck.
  • Ancient Egyptians invented pens, toothpaste, and a game very similar to bowling.

More Ancient Egypt resources:

Mini Bio: King Tut – Here’s a mini bio about King Tut to go with your mini unit!


Ancient Egypt Lapbook – Study interesting facts about the discovery of hieroglyphic writing, the Rosetta Stone, the great King Tutankhamun, the lovely Cleopatra and more. Recipes From Egypt – Delight your little cooks with two authentic and easy-to-make recipes from Egypt: Tameya (the original veggie burger), and Basboosa (Semolina cake with honey and lemon). My Book About Egypt – My Book About Egypt takes elementary students to the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, and Giza. King Tut Mini Unit - EducentsWant free lessons for kids about Ancient Egypt? Download the King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie on Educents!






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Answers in Genesis Curriculum Sale!

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We love Answers in Genesis resources and right now there is a BIG curriculum sale going on!

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Save on things like:

  • The Answers Complete Set
  • Ken Ham’s Foundation
  • BJU sets
  • History Revealed
  • God’s Design for Science
  • and much more!

Head over to Answers in Genesis now for more info!

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Bible- Based History- History Revealed from Answers in Genesis

History Revealed review and giveaway

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I was given this product for the purpose of review; this in no way affected the outcome of my review and all opinions are honest. For my full disclosure read here.

Answers in Genesis is Bible-based learning at it’s finest.

As most of my readers know, this year we are studying Rome. We have been reading through the Gospels and then learning about life during the time that Jesus lived. It has been fascinating. Up until now, we have just been using resources on Rome that we have found on our own. Then I had the amazing opportunity to review Answers in Genesis’ History Revealed: Rome, Reformers, and Revolutionaries.

I was so excited when I first received my package from Answers in Genesis! Included in this set are:

  • a teacher guide
  • student manual
  • testing kit
  • audio CDs
  • and an optional elementary activity book for the younger students 

I was also thrilled to find the online resources for teachers and students that are available and you can go to see the art, hear the music, read more articles, etc. that are referred to in the history curriculum. Awesome!

A highly engaging and exciting biblical-based history curriculum geared toward various learning styles.

This curriculum is unique from anything I have used in the past. It has SO much information, it took me a bit to get acquainted with it all. It included activities in each unit that will appeal to the different types of learners. The book introduces these and helps you to understand how people learn different. I know in our family we have one of each!

The curriculum is broken into nine units.

Each unit broken is them broken into four one-week segments, called phases. Each phase covers a variety of learning methods.


  • In Phase 1, the student reads the unit article and then listens to fascinating stories of history told by Diana in the What in the World is Going on Here?, True Tales, and Digging Deeper audio CDs.
  • Phase 2 focuses on exploration and discovery. The student researches a topic of his or her own choosing and also learns vocabulary and constructs a timeline.
  • Phase 3 focuses on the geography, arts, and sciences of the period covered. It includes making maps as well as activities in science, art, architecture, cooking, and music.
  • In Phase 4 students are encouraged to express themselves in their own unique way, choosing a project that may include writing, art, music, drama, movement, conceptual design, or other areas of expression.

Our experience with the curriculum.

The first day we read aloud the article in the text. The next day was lively discussion that was based on questions in the book. Next, we really loved listening to the CDs, and it was a great break to know that the day I had scheduled it, we didn’t have any book work, yet it was chock full of engaging info! We learned so much in a very relaxed way. My daughter will be working on a research paper next, and all of the kids are making mosaics and a recipe. We love hands on learning!

I also love the self evaluation forms rather than a “test.”

This curriculum is so worth every penny. It is packed with so much information to help you make history come alive for the whole family. The way that I have always homeschooled, was to use what benefits my family, and discard anything that doesn’t work for us. You can easily pick and choose from this what works for you, but because of the way it is laid out to appeal to various learning styles, it is really very easy to stick with it.

I am excited to continue with this curriculum after the holidays. (We take a break from “regular studies during December) I will mostly focus on my older daughter using it, but will include the younger ones for much of it as well, which is another benefit- it is easy to incorporate for all ages, especially with the elementary activity book. We can do fun activities like make a mosaic, bake challah bread, an study art. 

My son working on a word find from the elementary book
My son working on a word find from the elementary book

We will still continue in our Bible studies of the Gospels this year. I think History Revealed is is a very thorough complement to our studies. We will be taking it slow though, so that it will keep in line with our Bible studies. I am in no rush and want to savor all of the information. I will probably spread the lessons out over time as we study in our Bible.

From the site:

What sets this curriculum apart?

  1. Discovering and enjoying history from a biblical perspective—looking at God’s fingerprints throughout time and noting how God has been intimately and powerfully involved in the lives of individuals and nations.
  2. Exploring history in a way that honors a student’s God-given design. Because God has created different types of learners, this curriculum offers many different ways to engage each student in a love of learning history.

For more info visit Answers in Genesis:

Now, you have the opportunity to WIN your very own History Revealed set! You can choose ONE set of your choice!