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We are midway through the year and I wanted to update you all on our Apologia Marine Biology High School Science course! We are using it for junior year, after having competed Biology and Chemistry for Freshman and Sophomore years.

We are still very pleased with this curriculum. As you all know, I love ALL Apologia products, and even though we have a partnership with the company, I’d be sharing about them anyway, because I love their products so very much!

Apologia Science courses are rigorous but they have really alleviated so much stress for me as the parent because I know that my daughter is being challenged and the coursework is preparing her for college-level work if she pursues college after high school.


We have finally been able to get to some of the dissections. I must admit, I get kind of excited about the dissections! Ha! Really! I think they’re pretty cool. So far we have done the starfish and the clam. They were pretty stinky though, I must admit…but in odor, not in coursework! Ha!

My daughter did get a little grossed out in the starfish, and actually, I did too. Not sure why, because I had no problem with dissections in first year Bio. That frog was fascinating!

However, it is really cool to see how God has knit these creatures together down to the smallest detail. One thing I have learned through dissections is just how amazing God, our Creator is. We always talk about that as we are examining all the intricate details of these specimens.

Furthermore, the dissections are obviously a great way to do hands-on learning and you also have to chance to have your student fill out lab reports and such. Again, higher level prep work.

My daughter also has been keeping up with a test every two weeks at the end of the module. The grade is not nearly as important to me as watching her improve her study skills and take notes throughout each module. She has become such a great note taker just through these high school classes alone. I am grateful for that.

I promise to share loads of pics here and on Instagram when we get to the shark dissection. You should the size of the shark that came with the kit!  It’s currently in my garage. 😉 I kid you not…it’s big! OK, it’s not Jaws, but still, for a homeschool dissection, it is pretty cool!

Stay tuned to see us in action with the shark within the next few months!

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Homeschooling High School Science: Apologia’s Marine Biology

Are you homeschooling high school and looking for a science curriculum?

Apologia Marine Biology Review

This is a sponsored post. I have received the materials from the publisher as well as compensation for my time. However, all opinions are unbiased and not influenced in any way by the sponsorship. This is an honest review.

We are so excited to be using Apologia Marine Biology for lab science for my 11th grader in our homeschool this year. After completing biology and chemistry the past two years, she was looking to take one more lab science. Even though Physics is typically the next step, my daughter knew she definitely didn’t want to take that course, as math isn’t her strong suit and she was anticipating loads of formulas in physics! 😉

Since we wanted to continue with Apologia, however, we were thrilled to discover the second edition of Marine Biology by Sherri Seligson was being released this year!

We are working to complete one module every two weeks. Each module ends with a test. We also have the DVDs and mp3s which we have found in previous years to be very helpful. My daughter normally reads through the module on her own using the student notebook to take notes as she goes. If she needs the DVDs she may watch them as well, but not always. They are wonderful to have on hand though, especially for labs.

So far we have not had a dissection yet, but this year she will complete a few dissections and labs. We actually didn’t mind them when we did Biology back in 9th grade and you can read about those here. (our lab experiences are here and here.)

We are really looking forward to our science course this year thanks to Apologia. What I love about their courses are they are challenging and that gives me confidence that my kids will be able to handle college work in the future. I also like that we have so many options with the mp3s and DVDs to help us really understand the materials (Sherri Seligson is an excellent teacher!), as well as the student notebook. My daughter has become very efficient at taking notes, another skill needed for college.

My main excitement at this point is the very first week of school, my daughter was telling me interesting things she had learned in the course! Not because I asked, but just because she was excited! THAT says a great deal about the materials!

I will be sharing on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook all year as we navigate through this course, so be sure to check back for updates and follow me on Facebook and Instagram a!

If you have any questions or need more info head over to Apologia. They are my absolute favorite homeschool publishing company and I know their staff will be happy to assist you!

Here is my latest Facebook video sharing about this curriculum!

Apologia Biology- Our Last Dissection Lab!



My daughter completed her last dissection lab in Biology yesterday and let me tell you, it was a blessing! YES, I said a blessing. First, we had my father come and teach the labs this year, which was amazing! He is a retired scientist and biology major, so this really was a blessing. He was able to help my daughter in so many ways and teach her so much more than I could.

We truly enjoyed the dissections. At first, us girls were a bit more squeamish, but really once we got into it, we marvelled at how God creates His creatures! From the earthworm to the crayfish, and now the perch and frog, He made each one just perfectly with so many distinct characteristics.
This was right before we began the dissection of the perch and frog.



What was really cool about this lab was that the frog dissection came with no instructions! I loved how Apologia explained that in this dissection the student had learned enough to now be their own scientist. The student was to research on their own and then come up with the instructions. This was an awesome way to use all of the skills from the previous labs and all that we had learned to then have to do this. I love that about Apologia. They encourage learning and thinking, not just following a list of steps.




Afterwards, my boys really got excited with Grandpa as they continued to “dissect‘ the frog. The marvelled at all the intricacies of the frog and it was a great memory with Grandpa! I love that we have the older generation teaching the younger. We had family time as well as learning all meshed together.


Thank you Apologia for once again providing excellent lessons that are above and beyond!

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Apologia Biology Dissection Day: Crayfish

Apologia Science

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.37.34 AM

We had our second dissection day for my 9th grader’s Apologia Biology lab. Once again, Apologia doesn’t disappoint. The labs are thorough and my daughter really is learning so much. She also isn’t nearly as squeamish as I thought she’d be. I think because it is just so interesting to see all of the different details of God’s amazing creation.

I love Apologia because, throughout the text, it always points back to our Creator. You can’t look at the way He created these creatures, so intricately, so detailed, and so purposefully, and deny that we serve an awesome Creator.

We also had the privilege once again of having my father join us as the “lab teacher.” We are so grateful for grandparents who take an active role and interest in our homeschool. Such a blessing!

Here are some photos from our day:

Our specimen: The crayfish- All the specimens and the supplies needed are included in the dissction kit.

Grandpa explaining the parts.

My boys sat in on the lesson. They learned too!


Be sure to follow along on Instagram for our next dissection- the frog and the perch- in just a few weeks!


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Our First Dissection! And a Special Guest…

We received the product this year  in exchange for an honest review and demonstration. This has in no way affected my opinion of the product, and I have provided an honest account of our experience.

Homeschool Labs and Dissection With Apologia

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.47.53 AM

We completed our very first homeschool dissection last week and it was an awesome experience. First, hands down, Apologia is our favorite science curriculum that we have used for years. We have always loved its biblical base and its thoroughness. It has always taught my children to see God in all of science and how He has created this world so perfectly in His design.

My daughter is currently studying Biology as a ninth grader. She also must complete the labs for this course to be added to her transcript as a science credit. We knew that meant dissecting this year and we were beyond thrilled when my father, who back in his day was a biology major, offered to help us!

We are so blessed to have him join us for this. He knew SO much and was able to make the lab much more exciting for my daughter. Even though we only dissected the earthworm so far, seeing all those little parts and how God created this creature was amazing.



Apologia’s Biology curriculum has been so easy for me to implement this year. We have the textbook, student journal (which includes the lab reports to fill out), DVDs for extra info and solidifying info, and the tests. My daughter is able to do everything independently.

The dissection kit was purchased separately and came with all of the tools needed for the dissections (scissors, surgical blades, tweezers, etc.). The specimens arrived in a  sealed bag and contained the earthworm, crayfish, perch, and frog.


Admittedly, my daughter wasn’t thrilled about this assignment, but once we started I think she was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t that bad, and was really quite interesting!

My boys, on the other hand, were a captive audience:

Apologia Biology






We are scheduled to dissect again in a few weeks and I will be posting again with our experience. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow along on Instagram.

If you are looking for a solidly biblically based science curriculum, Apologia is simply the best we have used! They have many more resources available too.

Visit Apologia for more information on their science curriculum and more!

Apologia Science



Experience Astronomy

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When our kids were young, it was easy to teach them their alphabet and how to count. As the years pass, certain subjects become more difficult to teach. It can be easy to be intimidated by certain subjects – like the sciences.

Experience Astronomy

This year, a new course is available that will help solve your problems. Experience Astronomy.

Why Experience Astronomy?

For centuries astronomy was considered one of the seven classical liberal arts of education. Experience Astronomy allows students to join this long-standing tradition and really grasp the God-created order of the heavens.

  • You, the parent, don’t have to be the expert: I’ll do all the teaching for you (via video).
  • It’s integrative: The course includes integration with history, literature, and even the Bible.
  • No special equipment needed: Your student will study the stars the way the ancients did—with their own two eyes.
  • It’s interactive: Your student will get outside on a weekly basis to take notes or draw specific observations in the sky.
  • From the comfort of home: All the required activities can be done online or in your own backyard.
  • Christian emphasis: The subject of astronomy is studies through a Christian worldview.

What Does Experience Astronomy Cover?

The e-course integrates astronomy with others subjects, such as history, classical literature, and the Bible. Throughout the year students learn:

  • how to use the sky for navigation,
  • how to find dozens of major constellations,
  • the phases of the moon,
  • the motions of the stars throughout the night and throughout the year,
  • how eclipses work,
  • how astronomy has shaped both the Biblical calendar and our modern calendar,
  • information about the planets, asteroids, comets, and meteor showers,
  • mythologies associated with the constellations,
  • and more!

What’s Included?

Experience Astronomy is a full-school year video e-course geared towards 6th to 9th graders.

  • Starting in September your students will look forward to the engaging, weekly teaching videos.
  • Students will receive a field guide and are expected to complete weekly outdoor observation activities, giving them a firsthand knowledge about the motions of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.
  • A course guide with supplemental reading, writing activities, and more will be provided.
  • Weekly online quizzes to test your students understanding of the materials will be provided. Don’t worry, the grading will be done for you!

The regular price for Experience Astronomy is $97 for the school year, but if you buy now you can get it for 20% off ($77) until the end of June. There are also multi-student discounts available.

Experience Astronomy - Logo

Metamorphosis- Answers in Genesis DVD

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This was one of our FAVORITE resources this year. It is simply amazing and there is no way you can watch films like this and NOT believe in God!

It is truly a movie that will help your family see God as Creator! Find out more at  Answers in Genesis!



Throughout history butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and school children with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before.

Filmed in the rain forests of Ecuador, Mexico’s Trans-Volcanic mountain range, and leading research centers, Metamorphosis is an unforgettable documentary filled with the joys of discovery and wonder.

Features incredible slow motion photography!





Parent Lesson Plans Curriculum from Answers in Genesis

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NEW Parent Lesson Plans Curriculum from Answers in Genesis!

Each PLP includes: Worksheets, quizzes, texts, and answer keys. Also a one year calendar and additional info!

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