What is Bible Based Homeschooling?

For every family this can be different. A good resource to get an understanding of what solidified our decision to homeschool this way is A Biblical Home Education: Building Your Homeschool on the Foundation of God’s Word
It is a wealth of wisdom.









For our family we use the Bible as our main text, but not the only one. We use various supplements and a complete separate math curriculum.  We spend the morning in our passage for the week. From there we have our spelling words, vocabulary, and even look up Hebrew words. Many of our writing, research, science, and history lessons come from the passage as well. Our geography is all based on our passage, and sometimes we find artwork as well.


Do I need to spend alot of money to homeschool?

Again, for every family this will be different. We have learned to live in plenty and in want in our family. Most importantly, I believe God will provide all we need for our home education if we are seeking Him first. (Matthew 6:33)

The library is very valuable for us. Next we find many things we’d like to own on Amazon.com, especially the used items. Many are discounted by but are in great condition. There are numerous free resources available online and I will update as I find them on this site.


What does a Daily Schedule Look like?

I have done every schedule from the very structured to the very loose. In the end, I have found what works for us is a general flow to our day, but to expect interruptions. Those interruptions are always teachable moments, and also a lesson in real life skills. Dealing with life as it does interrupt us. 🙂

In the mornings we begin with prayer, Bible, worship time. We then move onto individual studies. We always take a nice long mid-day break, which allows me time to answer emails, throw a load of laundry in, or any other things I need to get done. This way I know I have that time coming and I won’t try to squeeze in my tasks during school time. I can be fully present for my children. After lunch we always being with Bible/prayer again to refocus. Afterwards we finish up any individual work, do experiments, watch a documentary, or do free learning activities of the child’s choice. In warm weather we will be outdoors most afternoons. Springtime will have us gardening. Remember all of these things are learning even if they are not in a textbook!

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