Children’s Bible Stories- Give a Meaningful Gift

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If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for a young child in your life, let me introduce you to Children’s Bible Stories from In the Book.

In The Book has created this personalized Bible Stories book for kids, to introduce them to the word of God from a young age. The book features some of the most popular stories from the Old Testament, along with fun pictures for them to enjoy. It aims to inspire little ones with a collection of Bible Stories made just for them, by adding their name and a personal message to their edition. It’s intended to allow children to feel directly involved with the stories and engage them while learning about their faith.

My book arrived in a beautiful presentation box that really made it look special. And when I opened it, there was my beautiful personalized book. This would be a beautiful sight to a child Christmas morning or any other special occasion!

You all know my love for God’s Word and getting every human being into the Bible daily. And there is no age too young to start.

What a great way to give a child the best gift- a gift that introduces God’s Word. This book highlights some of the Bible stories with a beautiful customization to make it personal.

If you want to give the BEST give of all- God’s Word- to  a child, check out this beautiful book. It is meaningful and special!

Visit Children’s Bible Stories for more info!

Back to School SALE!


Every day it gets just a little bit harder to live in this world. We see so much confusion in the culture around us, Yet, every day is also one day closer to Jesus returning. And that is something to look forward to!

Teaching the next generation that the Bible sets THE standard in which we live by, and not what the world says (which changes daily) is imperative.

We must teach our children that the Word of God is the foundation upon which we live.

Several years ago, I wanted to go deeper with my kids and our Bible, so we taught almost all of our subjects from the Bible! Yup, science, math, history, language arts, and even electives!

This year we put it all into a guide- The Bible Based Homeschooling e-course...and it has been hugely popular among homeschooling families!

What others are saying:

“I have just completed the e-learning course Bible-Based Homeschooling and I loved it. As a brand new homeschooler I am reading as much as I possibly can about homeschooling methods, curriculum and so on. I wish to teach my children a Christian curriculum but wanted to take a year to discover their personalities and learning styles before committing to a bought curriculum. It did not disappoint! I feel better equipped to plan and teach my children from this September onwards. I also love the Facebook Lives and the resource tips! Thank you Karen!”

“I have homeschooled since 1998 and used many things along the way but there was always something lacking. I’ve contemplated using the Bible as a central part to my planning for the kids school year but never knew how that would look or even work. Thank you Karen for listening to the prodding of the Holy Spirit in creating this course to share with others. I’m sure there are many of us out there looking for something like this to help us step out in Faith and trust that it’ll be a good change for our homeschooling kids for a season. Wonderful course with lots of information.”

Are YOU Teaching Your Children to Stand on God’s Word?



I designed this e-course as a guide to show you how we actually taught almost all of our homeschool subjects using the Bible for an entire year in our homeschool. Yes, we learned science, math, history, and more…but most importantly that was a pivotal year in our family which really changed the way we taught from the Bible. And it changed our family as a whole.

The Bible is NOT a subject in school or even a curriculum, it is the Word of God and it is our Creator speaking to us. It is so much more than something we teach our children just to check off a box.

The year we used the Bible to teach our children we taught all subjects knowing that God was the author of all subjects. It changed everything to no longer just teach these subjects as lessons, but to learn about the One who created math, science, history, and so on.

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Since most of us are heading back to school, we are offering the course at a huge discount. Grab it now and be inspired if you want to take a break from the usual curriculum at some point in the year or you just need something different this year!

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Course includes:

Unlimited access to 20 videos!
Free Downloads to track resources and planning!
Sample lessons
Free membership to private facebook group-weekly videos, connect with others, and more!

Flexible Homeschool: App

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Homeschool Planning that allows for life to happen

Busy homeschool moms everywhere…I have an amazing product to introduce you to today. I know so many of you are overwhelmed with the usual tasks of homemaking and homeschool, so trying to keep track of records and grading can some times take a backseat to the necessary tasks of the day. And life often happens and we can fall off the planning wagon…but isn’t that part of homeschooling? Letting life sometimes interrupt our plans and teach us?

Homeschool moms plates are full and I am going to show you a way to relieve some of those full plates today!

Spend time with your family, not your homeschool planner. (Yes!!)

The Flexible Homeschool App is a web-based application for planning and tracking your family’s homeschool. And here is the part that I love—> It is structured enough yet flexible to allow for life to happen.

That is definitely me…I have struggled many times to stick to any type of planning application that is too rigid. I end up quitting because life always gets in the way and I wind up feeling defeated because we can’t stay on track! The Flexible Homeschool app certainly relieves that pressure and lets us moms focus on the most important things, while also staying organized as we track and plan.

The Flexible  Homeschool App allows you to:

  • Plan with timeframes, not rigid dates and times
  • Handle each child’s pace
  • Spontaneously break from school without extra effort
  • Not let work pile up or become overdue
  • Record what you actually did, when you did it, and how long it took you to do it.
  • Created beautifully formatted, customizable, and printable reports for your records

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All the Things I Worried About…Never Came True

As we near the end of this homeschooling journey for my oldest (don’t worry I still have three more kids to go and many more years of homeschooling!) I can’t help but think about all of the worries I had early on. There were so many things that kept me awake at night…that almost stopped me from even starting this journey.

But God.

 Thankfully, He led me to press on and here we are. 

Yet, I wanted to address the major concerns I had, and to show you how they never really were an issue…because I know many of you out there may be in just the place I was 13 years ago…a scared mom feeling the calling to take this step but unsure of where it would lead.

And really…you will never know the ourcome in the beginning. In fact, you aren’t supposed to. It is a journey that has to unfold as you go, and you need to trust God.

However, some of the most common fears I had, I can only imagine you might have as well…
  • Socialization. I know, even typing that makes me cringe because we all know it is NOT even an issue…yet, there are still many who think it is. Bottom line after 13 years…my kids are beyond well socialized. And the kind of socialization that I would want for them. They are friends with all age groups (and not peer-dependent) and not just those their age/grade. They have relationships with little ones all the way up to adults. In fact, I have realized that the kind of socialization that takes place in a school setting isn’t really ideal, but the kind that has taken place because we homeschool is actually more fitting for “real life.”
  • What will people think? This one for me was big, but I realize for many, it is a non-issue. But truly, my own stinkin’ pride got in the way early on. I didn’t want to be questioned about my decision or feel the need to “defend” it. Over the years though, I really do not rely on what people think, only what God thinks. I am answering to Him and not to man. But, truly, I  have also found that most people do not think I am crazy or weird, but are intrigued and generally interested in homeschooling (and if they do think it is weird, so be it! 😉 )
  • Am I really capable to teach my children? Yes and no. I say that because am I really capable of anything in life? Not on my own, but with God of course. If He calls you to something, He will equip you. And NO you do not need a college degree or teaching certificate to teach your own children. The myriad of curriculum choices available these days and the world we live in where anyone can learn anything with all of the information available to us has changed that thinking. I want my children to ultimately become independent learners anyway. Our world has changed in that if you are able to research, you can learn anything. So absolutely, we are all able to teach our children and to teach them to teach themselves.
  • Will I teach them enough? What is enough really? K-12 and then learning stops? Nope. I have taught them as much as I could as best as I could, knowing there will always be gaps. We never stop learning on this earth and the gaps will only ever be filled in heaven.

So, these are some of the bigger things that kept me awake at night early on. How about you? I would love to hear what worried you and if you still worry or how God has relieved those worries. Share in the comments below!

My new e-course is NOW available! Join many others who have signed up to make the Bible the foundation of their homeschool!

Are You Focused on Externals or Eternals?

I just returned from speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Arkansas this weekend and it was a blessed time! I cherish these trips and the opportunities to speak to so many families that are investing in their families by homeschooling their children.

As I  spoke to families of all walks on their journey, one thing became so clear. Everyone wants to do the best job they can. Everyone wants that perfect curriculum or setup. Everyone wants to succeed. And that is a good thing!

And as I walked the vendor halls with so many amazing resources and so many different choices, I was however struck how we need to be so very careful to not measure our success in those externals. It is all about the eternals.

I truly believe the most important book you can teach in your homeschool is the Bible. Without it, everything else is for naught. You children’s core should be shaped by God’s truths.

So while curriculum and resources and all that stuff are important, do not let it take place of the truly important.

The Bible teaches your children who God is, who they are in Christ, godly wisdom, moral laws, and more. It will shape them with God as their center. It is without a doubt, the most important book in your homeschool.

I have seen the Bible and God transform my life. I know without a doubt that my life is built upon the truths found in that book…which is more than a book…it is living Truth.

I must pass that down to the next generation. They must be equipped in this world that is so upside down, with the absolute truths of God’s Word. There really is no better way to equip them for life, than to follow God.

Once they are following Him and His truths, they will be ready for all that comes their way in life.

Academics are important, but life isn’t live based on them alone. And I believe when we are following God, they will naturally fall into place because we will want to do well, work hard, and be a good steward of our learning.

God alone is what we live for. And when we forget that and start to live for the temporary things of this world, we will struggle to keep our focus.

So remember, above anything you can do, teach your child who God is, and teach from His Word. You can’t go wrong.

My new e-course is NOW available! Join many others who have signed up to make the Bible the foundation of their homeschool!


I Can’t Teach The Bible to My Children Because I Don’t Know It Well Enough

I have heard from many parents lately that have said they don’t feel equipped to teach the Bible to their children. They think they don’t know enough of the Bible or about the Bible, so they aren’t comfortable teaching it to their children.

Rest assured, if that is you, I want to encourage you today.

If you have a Bible, you are equipped. God is the One who wrote it, and He is our Master Teacher. Trust the One who wrote the words to teach you.

I am not a biblical scholar or a theologian, yet I love God’s Word. And that is what I want to pass on to my children.

We do not have to have a degree in the Bible to teach it to our children. In fact, what a beautiful thing to learn together!

I believe that God equips where He calls. And He definitely commands us in the Bible to teach His Word. So we must trust Him.

And in this day and age with an abundant amount of resources available to us, we can find ways to study the Bible like never before. 

Some of my favorites:

*affiliate links

Blue Letter Bible

KeyWord Study Bible

Life Application Study Bible

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary

This is not by any means a comprehensive list, but some of my top resources. We also love to include sermons, videos, podcasts, and more. Just always make sure they are reputable and solid in teaching. The abundance of information also means the abundance of fluff or “junk”- be discerning!

Do not be intimated by the Bible. It is God’s very own words to us. He wants to teach us. Go to Him, and lead your children to Him. You will be transformed by His Spirit!

Get My New e-Course!


Bible Based Homeschooling e-Course is NOW Available!

Training Up the Next Generation in Truth!
Building a firm foundation in your family, with the Bible at the center.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

3 John 4 NKJV

There is nothing that will equip your children more for life than to know God’s Word and to walk in the Truth. This course will walk you through how we used the Bible as our main textbook in our homeschool for an entire year. It was the MOST amazing year ever.

Yet, even if you don’t want to solely teach from the Bible, it is still imperative to teach with the Bible as the center of your family and your homeschool. Join me as we discover the most amazing resource we have as families- the Bible.

This is not intended to be a curriculum, but a guide.

This course includes unlimited access to over 85 minutes worth of videos detailing how we used the Bible for each subject to teach our children for one year, printable downloads to help you keep track of your resources and records, sample weeks, and extra resources PLUS free membership to a private member-only Facebook group to continue the encouragement and connect with others!  I will also continue to share resources and videos to answer questions and be available to you as you walk this journey!


~Karen DeBeus

Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling

See the Course Now!

Bible Based Homeschooling E-Course Coming Soon!

We are thrilled that the e-course will be released this week! Stay tuned. You will hear me screaming from the rooftops when it’s ready! 😉

This course is a guide where I will walk you through exactly how we used the Bible as our main textbook in our homeschool for one year. So many folks have asked me over the years just how we did it, and I sat down to make this course as a guide, but not a curriculum! I want to inspire and equip you if God is leading you to do this, and even if not, to remember that the Bible is still the foundation upon which we build our homeschool.

Included in the Course:

•Lifetime on-demand access to all course videos

Videos include how we did each subject, frequently asked questions, lessons learned, and more!

•Downloadable and printable resources for planning and record keeping plus for prayer, goals, etc.

•Downloadable list of resources we used to supplement our studies

•Sample lessons

•Free Lifetime Membership to a Facebook group to connect with other families and share ideas, ask advice, and even for prayer! PLUS, I will continue the encouragement with videos in the group, sharing resources as I find them, and sharing our journey as we do this AGAIN next year with our youngest! Yup, we are doing it again and I can’t wait!

Look for the e-course soon! We are so excited to share it with you!

Homeschool: More Than Books

As we approach the end of this journey for our oldest child, I have learned that homeschooling is more than books. Homeschooling is more than tests. Our kids are more than a curriculum.

From the early years on, I pored over curriculum catalogs, dreamed big dreams of what our days would look like, spent hours researching the best methods, and ultimately life proved much different than those early dreams.

Homeschooling is a way of life, and education is not limited to the quantification of a test grade. My kids have learned far beyond walls of a classroom.

That time we bought a house, sold our house, and then it all fell through? They learned about some real life there- mortgages, inspections, attorney reviews. All things I never knew about until I was an adult!

Those times learning how to raise animals here on our little hobby farm- building coops and barn stalls, planting and harvesting a garden, milking goats? Not just skills that involved science and math, but skills you can’t just learn about in a book. Caring for living creatures, showing compassion, responsibility, and dedication.

The times that we walked through deep sorrow and grief as tragedy struck in lives close to us? Difficult times, but life lessons for sure. Attending funerals, handling grief, being there for friends, and dealing with emotions as they drove us to our Savior’s arms. Lessons that can never be taught in a book.

The joys, the excitement, the highs…all experiences that must be lived. Not taught in a book.

Relationships that have been built. Bonds that have formed. Our family is a so tight-knit and close, all because we have lived each day together.

So while I remember those early years of thinking I need that perfect curriculum, that perfect set up, that perfect room, that perfect method. I see that the only perfect was really the life God was creating for us to live…and the learning as we went. Experience has after all been, the best teacher.

Read about our journey in my best-selling books:

Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram- Ideal Homeschool

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