Bible-Based Thanksgiving Resources

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I am scanning the web for some ideas for Bible-based lessons for Thanksgiving.

Here are some I have found today:

We Gather Together: 14 Thanksgiving Hymns
30 Scripture Readings on Thanksgiving (Year Long Bible Reading Series)
My Thanksgiving Prayer
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving
30 Scripture Readings for Thanksgiving & 30 Scripture Readings for Christmas: Two Months of Scripture Readings for the Holidays

These are FREE:

FREE Bible Lesson about the Pilgrims- (I am going to do this activity!)

harvest Blessing Mix Snack with Lesson (adorable)



FREE Thanksgiving Bible Crafts from Christian Preschool Printables

TGColoring3 FullVerse




 has some Bible-based articles and such

BibleFun Zone has FREE printables

Be Thankful lesson from

previewcoversm.jpg has a variety of coloring pages






BIG List of Bible Based FREEBIES

this post may contain affiliate links

Can you homeschool for free or close to free?

It sure is possible, even if only for a season when times are tight. Here is a BIG list of lots of free resources you could use to pull together.

free homeschool

Easy Peasy All in One Curriculum (complete curriculum) 

FREE One Year Curriculum (Teaching With God’s Heart for the World)

Khan Academy (not Bible based, but every other subject)

Old Fashioned Education

FREE Sound Words Curriculum from Proverbial Homemaker

Simply Charlotte Mason (free curriculum guide- you can still get most of the books at the library)

Ambelside Online

Bible Story Printables

Answers in Genesis Kids

FREE Bible Printables

Adam and Eve Printable Pack

ABC Bible Verse Posters

How To Teach Your Children the Bible – FREE eBook

Bible Memory FREEBIES

Spelling for FREE Using the Bible

FREE Bible Lessons

FREE Lego Bible Copywork

Bible Character Profile Sheet

This Reading Mama (FREE Reading Curricula and many other freebies)

Homeschool Share (free lapboks)

Olive Tree Bible Study App

Mad About Jesus Laboratories (scientifically based object lessons to teach biblical truths to children)

Christian Crafters (scientific Bible lessons)

FREE Acts Printable Pack

Walk Through the Bible

FREE Noah’s Ark Writing Prompts

FREE Bible Verse Copywork

FREE Scripture Copywork

FREE Ten Commandments Unit

17 Book Series from R.C. Sproul

FREE Bible History Resources

FREE Bible Timeline Poster

FREE Bible Writing Prompts

Scripture Copywork

FREE Bible Maps

Over 42,000 FREE eBooks

FREE eBooks- Christian and Classical

Also, don’t forget to check out Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or even You Tube for videos and documentaries.


Get my eBook FREE!


FREE Monthly Meal Plan

Monthly Meal Planning Made Easy.

Simple Meals

























As a busy homeschool mom, I like to plan my meals ahead for the month. Now, by plan, I must say I don’t always stick to it perfectly, but having a skeleton to work with helps. I have four weeks of planned meals, generally with a theme for each day. (Friday is always pizza, Tuesday is always crockpot) and that helps me a great deal! Yet, life always gets in the way, so I am able to quickly move these meals around as needed. But at least I have 28 ideas ahead of time and I can shop and prepare for them easily. I also am including a blank template for you to write your meals on, or use post it notes and switch them around as the month goes on. Easy peasy!!!

The meal plan starts on Sundays and is a four week spread. Customize as you please for your family. I hope this helps you plan for a more efficient and easy homeschool day 🙂

Blank Meal Plan

Monthly Meal Plan









Indoor Bible Scavenger Hunt

I LOVE this idea from Rachel Wojo-

An Indoor Bible Scavenger Hunt!

As a homeschool mom that often struggles in the cold winter months, this is perfect activity for those cold days! It is truly awesome and helps with Bible knowledge. Don’t miss it!

Head over to Rachel Wojo for yours!




Bible Based Homeschool in the Snow…With FREE Printable

Snow Creator.jpg

Yesterday we took advantage of the snow to deviate from our studies, and use the snow to teach us. 

We started our day in Isaiah:

Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord:
though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
they shall become like wool.

Isaiah 1:17 (ESV)

After a really long discussion about this verse (which is just so full of truth) we went online to look at pictures of snowflakes under the microscope. We were all fascinated at God’s marvelous designs. We were just amazed at the details and the intricacies. Each snowflake clearly points to a Creator. We also watched a video of a computer simulation of how snowflakes are formed.

Our discussion went from how one teeny tiny microscopic object, when formed into millions can go from harmless to quite dangerous. We learned about the Blizzard of 1888- what an amazing event. We watched some videos and the kids marveled at how high the snow was. (40-50 inches fell on the east coast)

We also did a writing assignment based on snow. Each child wrote a creative story about being a snowflake and falling to the ground. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me, and the teacher in me was happy to notice handwriting and grammar progress this year. God is good.

Nope, not a single text book was opened yesterday, but we learned so much. That is what homeschooling is about…preparing and learning about life. In real life. And mostly…pointing to our Creator.

Here is FREE Printable to go with this lesson. Click on it to download:

Isaiah 118 Print.jpg







FREE Alphabet Coloring Pages- Beautifully illustrated

I love these because they aren’t your “typical” ABC coloring pages. Each letter is a beautifully illustrated biblically based word. Head over to to get yours!


Ten Things Every Homeschooler Should Know (Part4)- Letting God Lead


Here is the next part in my series Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know from my blog Simply Living…for Him.

God is ultimately the one leading us each day. We must submit to His plans. We can do anything through His power. If He wants us here, He will supply the energy, the patience, the organization…all of it.



There is also a free download available

31 days

Read the rest here:

Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know


A Glimpse Into Our Week- The Garden Is Our Classroom!

Gardening and Homeschool. A perfect combination.

GardenasOur Classroom

This week we have begun the homestretch of our year! We are planning to take a summer break starting next month, even though we all know the learning never stops 😉

We are spending the rest of the year using our garden as our classroom! We have a vegetable garden that is planted mostly and ready to go. Here is how we are using the Bible as our text, and the garden as our classroom:

Each child has a garden journal.


Each day we observe the garden, note changes in the plants, and make some sketches. I have also had the children measure the perimeter and area of the garden and record that as well.  As we go through our lessons, they note anything in their journals that is important- words we go over, new ideas, etc.

We begin the morning reading a passage that I choose relating to seeds, flowers, growing, etc. So far we have read the fruits of the Spirit and copied it into our garden journals. We also talked about weeds and how the Garden of Eden was perfect before the fall. We discussed all the changes after the fall, and how man has to toil for his food.

Each child is responsible for watering the garden two days per week, and once the weeds start popping up they will do this as well.

We have had the blessing of having a bird’s nest in a low bush to observe each day


as well as already seeing some fruit from our labors! This red strawberry was a delight this week:


We talked about how God made the fruits for us and we also talked a great deal about nutrition from various fruits/vegetables.

We are also reading from Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Botany each day. It is a great supplement to our studies and Bible based. We just love it.

The kids are still doing their Math U See lessons and the younger ones do their Explode the Code workbooks each day as well.

Next week I am planning on assigning my daughter (6th grade) a report. The younger ones will also have a modified assignment. 

I love how our classroom has been brought right outdoors in His Creation. We listen to the birds, feel the warm sun on our faces, and have the beauty of His Creation all around us while we read- there is no better classroom!

IMG_2853 IMG_2852





{FREE} Printable- 31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool


Have you visited my other site Simply Living…for Him yet? I share my heart to simplify over there as well as many other things…I have a free resource section where you can download a copy of 31 Days of Prayer for Your Homeschool. I think it is essential to pray over your homeschool daily. These are some verses I selected that can help you in doing just that each day. We must be on guard to keep our homeschools covered in prayer and to keep God at the center!

You can find the {FREE} printable here:

31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool