Podcast Episode #19 Homeschooling & Social Media

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Let’s face it- social media can be our friend one day and our biggest enemy the next. However, we can choose to use it for good, or we can choose to let it consume us. Do you¬†know that studies have shown, too much time on the internet can cause feelings of depression and discontentment? I bet the Bible doesn’t have those same statistics ūüėČ

Think about this:¬†We wouldn’t normally socialize with all kinds of people during school time, so why do think it’s OK to be on social media during those hours? Look your kids in the eye and let them know they are more important than what acquaintances are doing on Facebook. Don’t have one eye on them and one on your phone.

Join me as I talk about how we can handle social media use in our homeschool and make sure we stay focused on the task at hand.


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Simplify in the New Year: Podcast Episode #18

Today I am sitting down (in my pj’s ūüėČ to talk about simplifying in the new year. Right now everyone is making resolutions and vowing that this year will be the year that they change. Yet, after a few months old habits start creeping back in and before we know it, those resolutions are long forgotten.

I could easily sit and talk about practical ways to purge clutter, get more organized, and reduce mental clutter and info overload, but you know what? 
That information is everywhere and you don’t need me to tell you the same ‘
ol story. So you might be surprised to hear what I am really talking about today…how to simplify this year…once and for all!


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We will learn all about simplifying, clearing out clutter and distractions, and having more JOY and JESUS!

Podcast Episode #17: Authentic Friendships

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This summer something amazing happened- I started inviting women to my house to pray. Little did I know, God would orchestrate those times for women to connect in ways I never imagined. When everything was left at the door, but we met on the common ground to sit at Jesus’ feet, beautiful things happened.

I learned from those times that we need to have more of those moments where women come together and seek Him together. Women came from all different stages of life and different areas of their walk, yet we all had our eyes on Jesus. It was amazing.

This summer I want to invite you to join me as we gather women from all walks of life to sit at Jesus’s feet together. No pretending, no worrying about looking perfect, no masks. Women that have had enough of the emptiness the world offers that want more of what HE offers.

We are holding a women’s retreat in Gettysburg, PA. You can read all about¬†here or listen in as I talk about my desire for our time together, as God-honoring women in God-honoring friendships.







Podcast Episode #15: Keepin’ It Real.

Real Homeschool Moms

Real Homeschool Moms

Join Karen as she talks about the importance of keepin’ it real on a daily basis. She will discuss how we can focus on walking this journey together as homeschool moms by supporting each other. ¬†We are running a marathon together, and not a race against each other.



How DAD Can Be Involved in Homeschooling Podcast Episode #15

Dads and Homeschool

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Think homeschooling is¬†just mom’s job? Really, it takes the whole family. Whether Dad has a supporting role or a very active role, He is the head of the home and his involvement is necessary.

Since many dads work outside of the home during school time though, then just how does he get involved in the teaching?

First, by being the head of the house, his influence is essential in raising our kids. Next, it is quite easy to find ways for dad to teach using his talents, skills, ¬†and gifts. And don’t think it has to be during school hours! Dads can “teach” lessons that are far more important that those found in textbooks between the hours of 9-3.

Join me with my special guest, my handsome hubby, as we talk about how he gets involved in homeschooling…by teaching life skills, entrepreneurial skills, and just by his example, he is teaching my kids as much (and probably more!) than any of my lessons plans and textbooks!


Visit Steve at Iron Sharpens Iron Outdoors

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My New Book!

What others are saying this week about Real Homeschool:

‚ÄúThis book blessed me so!! Karen is so relatable and real and her love and honor for God is contagious! Her words here were no doubt God-given and THIS is what I am endeavoring to make our homeschool and this message confirms what I needed to hear! Thank you, Sister Karen for your obedience in sharing this treasure with the world! Glory to God!‚ÄĚ

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool Available in Paperback or for Kindle!

Join Me This Summer- The Simply Living for Him Retreat! Join Me This Summer- The Simply Living for Him Retreat! At the Beautiful Lodges at Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA.

Grab your girlfriends for a ladies getaway!! 

We will learn all about simplifying, clearing out clutter and distractions, and having more JOY and JESUS!




Why (and How) We Quit the Rat Race

Living Simply

I was always a simple girl at heart. I always looked at things differently as a girl…I wondered why people always seemed to be busy, but not enjoying life. I never wanted my life to be lost in the hustle and bustle. I looked at things in the perspective of, “What does this matter years from now…”

As I grew older and had my own family, I knew I didn’t want to be part of the rat race. I wanted a simple life focused on God and family.

Yet, the world we live in is busy. It is complicated. And early in our marriage, we were headed toward the rat race. My husband worked late hours and never was home for dinner. With focusing on the Lord though, most days, we now enjoy three meals a day together.

Join me as I talk about how we quit the rat race and why we live to keep up with God, and not the Joneses.

And while I know that this life isn’t for everyone, and some people enjoy the hustle and bustle, it is still important to remember who and what we are being busy for…





Help! I Don’t Enjoy Homeschooling Right Now-Podcast Episode 13

New Podcast Episode- Help! I Don’t Enjoy Homeschooling Right Now!

Enjoy Homeschool

Don’t just survive the day—don’t just “hang in there.” You can have JOY in your homeschool, regardless of the craziness that surrounds each day!

Are you feeling like you can’t go on just one more day? Everyone else looks like they are enjoying homeschool, and you are secretly loathing it?
Join Karen as she discusses how to find joy, even in the midst of hard times. Get the JOY back in each day, knowing that you are fulfilling a calling and raising the next generation for Jesus!

Whether you are going through major life troubles that are making it difficult to homeschool, or it is just the monotony of the days that are stealing your joy, all of us have had times where we just don’t enjoy homeschooling.

Be encouraged as Karen shares her own experiences of job losses, homeschooling a bunch of littles, and just not even wanting to get out of bed some days.

Yet, because of God, she is now finding joy as she completes the task He has called her to fulfill!

Karen will also discuss the necessity of forming real and authentic friendships to support each other and not pretend we all have it together.

Let’s get ready to discuss how we can PRAISE ¬†even when things are not perfect!

Podcast Episode #12: Ways to Start Simplifying Right This Moment!

Ways to Start Simplifying Right This Moment!

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So you want to simplify your life, but don’t even know where to start? Usually, the hardest part is taking the first step.

Have you read all about simplifying, reducing clutter, and purging the house—-and then you look around and are so overwhelmed, you throw in the towel before you start.
Or do you get super motivated to start your plan and go full force, only to find in a few days you start to unravel it all?

Simplifying is about so much more than clutter- it is a heart issue that starts inside and works its way out.

Simplifying is such a buzz word these days, and for me it is about SO much more than just getting rid of “stuff.” It is about understating the heart behind why we have so much clutter, and why we think we need so much. It is about focusing on the fact that God is all we need, and nothing else can fill that void.

Yet, as a society we have bought into the lie, that more stuff equals more happiness. And the more we toil and attain, the more unhappy we become. Our houses are full, and our hearts are empty.

We also have more information than ever and are completely overwhelmed as to what to do with it all.

So in order to even begin simplifying, we need to start by knowing our Creator, and our purpose- which is to know Him and make Him known. The closer we are to Him, the less we will desire to fill up on stuff.

Join me as we talk about how to start simplifying this moment!



Join Me This Summer- The Simply Living for Him Retreat! Join Me This Summer- The Simply Living for Him Retreat! At the Beautiful Lodges at Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA.

Grab your girlfriends for a ladies getaway!! 

We will learn all about simplifying, clearing out clutter and distractions, and having more JOY and JESUS!


HELP! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool: Podcast #11

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Help! I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool

I’m not organized enough.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not disciplined enough.
We don’t have enough money.

I’m a mess!

Help!¬†I’m Not Equipped to Homeschool!

Feeling like you are being called to homeschool, but don’t feel equipped?

Or are you in the midst of homeschooling and feel like you just can’t go on?

Have no fear. If God has called you, He will equip you!

Join me as we talk about all these things and how I have learned to overcome.

You may not be equipped, but God supplies the equipment!

Episode #11

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