Jesus at Sight and Sound Theatres

I was given tickets to the performance of Jesus in exchange for this review

Sight and Sound Theatres- Where the Bible Really Does Come to Life!

I was recently given tickets to attend Sight and Sound Theatres production of Jesus in Lancaster, PA. This was our third show at Sight and Sound, and it was even more spectacular than the others. I don’t even know how that is possible!

Sight and Sound Theatre is known for its jaw-dropping sets and animals and stage that semi-surrounds the theater. In past shows, we have watched in awe as the whale in Jonah floated over the audience. We marveled at the animals that were on stage and brought up and down the aisles in others shows, truly immersing the audience in the experience. And most of all, with each show, we have experienced the Bible literally come to life and heard the Gospel in ways that touched our hearts because of the live production and telling of the Scriptures.

And Jesus. Wow, this show did not disappoint. I feel like I need to see it again and again because there is just so much to take in.

From the moment the show started I just knew this was going to be more than I imagined. The use of digital backdrops combined with enormous moving sets that surround the theater is magnificent. They literally made the boat rocking through high waves in the sea as Jesus actually walked on water. Towns and temples larger than life filled the stage. You feel like you are truly there. Soldiers on horseback, camels through the aisles, birds flying overhead. It’s indescribable.

It will blow your mind to see these Bible stories in action. You must experience it to grasp the magnitude of these shows!

Teaching our children the Bible is an integral part of our family. And being able to take them to shows at Sight and Sound adds so much to our love of the His Word. After each show, we have been able to discuss so much of the Bible from what we experienced in the show. It is the perfect Bible-based field trip!

If you are in the area of Lancaster, PA or Branson, MO you will definitely not want to miss a show at Sight and Sound Theatre. Head over to their website today for more info and to see the Bible come to life for yourself!

Sight & Sound Theatres: The Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip!

This is a sponsored post. I received tickets for my family to attend Sight & Sound Theaters’ production of Jonah in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and are not in any way affected by sponsorship.

Sight and Sound Theatres

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We recently saw Jonah at Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA and I left the show in tears. I can honestly say that no other live production has done the same thing to me, except when we saw Joseph at Sight and Sound two years ago.

It was just that amazing.


Sight & Sound is a truly amazing experience for so many reasons. With over 40 years of experience producing shows based on Biblical truths, it is a brilliant combination of musical theater, spectacular sets with LIVE animals, and most importantly, shows with a purpose.

It took me a few days to even write this post because I truly left the theater speechless. It is difficult to put in words just how much the show affected me.

Family Friendly Entertainment

First and foremost, as a family that chooses our entertainment carefully in a world filled with immoral movies and shows, Sight & Sound is truly an experience the entire family can enjoy without having to worry about inappropriate content. But to take it further, the presentation of the Biblical stories with a message of Christ, goes beyond entertainment. It is truly unique in this way.

Production-wise there is nothing like Sight & Sound. The sets for this show were beyond anything I can describe. The theater literally comes to life with sets that surround the sides of the theater and are immense and extreme. They move all over the stage and are indescribable. At one point you actually feel like you are under water with Jonah, and as the whale (an enormous puppet) swims throughout the entire audience, the theater is filled with “whooooaaaas” from all!

A Gospel-Centered Show

Sight & Sound is by far the most professional and brilliant live show I have ever seen. But beyond that is the message. The Gospel is clearly presented and each show is based on a Biblical story. Even though some creative license is taken within the stories at times (minimally), the core of each story is the truth from the Bible. 

Jonah was spectacular and we were mesmerized by the dancing, singing, and stage performances. Yet, the message of the show left me in tears.We truly experienced the Bible come to life, and I didn’t expect to feel so overwhelmed with emotion. Yet, the songs combined with the truths that hit home were phenomenal.

Here are some fun facts about the production of Jonah:

● Jonah’s cast features more than 50 actors–after auditioning hundreds of actors
from across the U.S.
● Jonah’s nearly three dozen live animals include sheep, Highland cattle, alpacas,
camels, llamas, a sheep dog, miniature donkeys, birds, horses (of course) and . . . a
● Jonah’s all-original music is the collaboration of multiple artists, recorded in
Prague, The Czech Republic, by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Actors on stage
sing live.
● Among the 70-plus set pieces is 30,000-pound ship, one of the largest set pieces in
Sight & Sound’s history.
● Production teams worked two years to perfect Jonah’s underwater and storm
● The more than 1,500 conventional lights in each performance include 102
automated and 36 LEDs with 100 color changes, requiring five miles of cable; 1,200
dimmers respond to more than 400 light cues.
● Sight & Sounds’ staff designers and seamstresses created the show’s 408 costume
designs for 830 costumes. Jonah’s costumes amount to 8,860 yards of fabric
(enough to wrap the theatre 33 times), 7,360 snaps, 530 wigs, and 217 beards and


A Beautiful Theater

I also wanted to add a bit about the theater itself. Form the moment you enter the lobby, it is pristine. The tasteful decor, the friendly atmosphere, and not to mention the divine treats 🙂  available at the concessions are delightful.


Coming in March 2018 to Lancaster, PA: “Jesus”

We are already planning to return in 2018 to see the new production set to begin in March 2018: That show is titled, “Jesus.” I can’t wait!


There is nothing like Sight and Sound. It was the ultimate homeschool field trip for us! We are so grateful for the opportunity.

Sight and Sound has two locations: Lancaster, PA and Branson MO. Head over to their website for more info and to purchase tickets!

Sight & Sounds Theatres

Here is my Facebook Video with some more of our experience:


Sight and Sound Theaters- Where the Bible Truly Does Comes to Life!

Our Visit to Sight and Sound Theaters, Lancaster, PA

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to visit Sight and Sound Theaters in Lancaster, PA. For many years, I have heard about how wonderful the shows were, but we never seemed to get there.

Finally, this year we made it! We were so blessed to visit for the day with my parents too! It was a perfect day.



Sight and Sound Theaters is truly like no other show I have been to. We saw Joseph and it was magnificent. I was truly moved to tears throughout the show. It was an incredible experience to see one of my very favorite stories in the Bible come to life. I didn’t expect to be so emotional! Yet, it was truly incredible.



Sight and Sound Theater is so unique because it is Bible-based, and it has incredible scenery. The stage literally surrounds the audience and it makes you feel like you are in the show at times. Even more unique are their use of live animals throughout the show! Camels walk up the aisle, birds fly across the audience…truly spectacular!

The singing, acting, and the scenery were breathtaking. During the scenes of Egypt, I was really taken away by the immenseness of the set. Truly jaw dropping.

If you have an opportunity to visit Sight and Sound, don’t hesitate! You will not be disappointed!

There are locations in both Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO.

It was a blessing to see a story we have studied come to life and to share that experience with family.


For more on our Joseph study:



Lessons from Joseph


For more information about Sight and Sound Theaters, you can visit Sight and Sound at

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