14 Days of Love with Free Printable Verses

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I love February! Good bye January, we are one step closer to spring!


A few years ago we started a fun project to focus on love. Each morning in our Bible time we read a scripture that talked about love.  We focused on loving as the Bible tells us, and what the difference is between how the world perceives love and how God teaches us about love.


Each child made their own Valentine mailbox out of a large white envelope.  Then they were hung on each of their bedroom doors.  Everyday, their sibling wrote down one thing that they love about the person on a slip of paper (or cut out heart) and put it in the mailbox. On Valentine’s Day we read through them all.

Here are some pictures:


Ethan just tried to write his name in glue 🙂





And if you would like to follow along with our 14 Days of Love, download the scriptures here!

 14 Days of Love Verses 

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Rest. Renew. Restore.










FREE Monthly Meal Plan

Monthly Meal Planning Made Easy.

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As a busy homeschool mom, I like to plan my meals ahead for the month. Now, by plan, I must say I don’t always stick to it perfectly, but having a skeleton to work with helps. I have four weeks of planned meals, generally with a theme for each day. (Friday is always pizza, Tuesday is always crockpot) and that helps me a great deal! Yet, life always gets in the way, so I am able to quickly move these meals around as needed. But at least I have 28 ideas ahead of time and I can shop and prepare for them easily. I also am including a blank template for you to write your meals on, or use post it notes and switch them around as the month goes on. Easy peasy!!!

The meal plan starts on Sundays and is a four week spread. Customize as you please for your family. I hope this helps you plan for a more efficient and easy homeschool day 🙂

Blank Meal Plan

Monthly Meal Plan









Bible Based Resources from Intoxicated on Life

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Recently I told you about The Talk from Intoxicated on Life. Well, I wanted you to know they have several other products available for your Bible based homeschool. There are many downloadable books to choose from for Bible study, copywork, and more.

Head over and check it out!

Heart-of-Humility-Front ESV-Manuscript-Bundle

Christ in the Commandments: A family study of the 10 Commandments at IntoxicatedOnLife.com

Indoor Bible Scavenger Hunt

I LOVE this idea from Rachel Wojo-

An Indoor Bible Scavenger Hunt!

As a homeschool mom that often struggles in the cold winter months, this is perfect activity for those cold days! It is truly awesome and helps with Bible knowledge. Don’t miss it!

Head over to Rachel Wojo for yours!




Bible Based Homeschool in the Snow…With FREE Printable

Snow Creator.jpg

Yesterday we took advantage of the snow to deviate from our studies, and use the snow to teach us. 

We started our day in Isaiah:

Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord:
though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
they shall become like wool.

Isaiah 1:17 (ESV)

After a really long discussion about this verse (which is just so full of truth) we went online to look at pictures of snowflakes under the microscope. We were all fascinated at God’s marvelous designs. We were just amazed at the details and the intricacies. Each snowflake clearly points to a Creator. We also watched a video of a computer simulation of how snowflakes are formed.

Our discussion went from how one teeny tiny microscopic object, when formed into millions can go from harmless to quite dangerous. We learned about the Blizzard of 1888- what an amazing event. We watched some videos and the kids marveled at how high the snow was. (40-50 inches fell on the east coast)

We also did a writing assignment based on snow. Each child wrote a creative story about being a snowflake and falling to the ground. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me, and the teacher in me was happy to notice handwriting and grammar progress this year. God is good.

Nope, not a single text book was opened yesterday, but we learned so much. That is what homeschooling is about…preparing and learning about life. In real life. And mostly…pointing to our Creator.

Here is FREE Printable to go with this lesson. Click on it to download:

Isaiah 118 Print.jpg







FREE Alphabet Coloring Pages- Beautifully illustrated

I love these because they aren’t your “typical” ABC coloring pages. Each letter is a beautifully illustrated biblically based word. Head over to Ministry-to-Children.com to get yours!