Will She Be Prepared?

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Two summers.

My baby girl has two summers left before she is officially a bonafide adult and graduated from this journey of homeschooling. And actually, we are in one of those summers right now. So I guess that makes it one and a half summers? 


With each beautiful summer sunset, we get one day closer to the sun setting on a journey that has been so special for us.

And the sun also rises on sweet new days.

(Hear all about our very rocky beginning of our homeschool years here.)


As I think about our nearing the end of this journey, often times I get panicked. It can be just a small thing that will set me off, but all of a sudden I find myself there in my thoughts, frozen. And I ask myself,

Will She Be Prepared?

Did I teach her enough? Will she be able to handle a college course? Can she write a proper essay for the SAT? Will she know enough? 

Then I fret:

We never spent enough time on handwriting..it’s a lost art….kids these days….I should have…

blah… blah… blah

And I stop. And I am quickly brought back to reality.

While there are many things she may not know, and perhaps she will not be prepared for at first… maybe a challenging college course or that Algebra we struggled with will come back.

There is so very much she is prepared for.

Homeschooling has given us a unique opportunity to use life as our education. We have lived each day together, much more hours together than if she were in public school.

She has watched and observed “real life” unfold daily- the good, the bad, the ugly. She knows about so many things I never did as a teen. 

I smile as I think about a few months back, and how she traveled with me and navigated the way to Arkansas for a speaking engagement. Connecting flights, airports, rental cars. She was my lifeline. She did it all.


She is independent. She researches what she does not know or what she desires to learn. She takes control of her life in many ways. She even planned an entire trip to Dinsey for us! All we had to do was show up 😉


So while there may be gaps we left out academically, I have no doubt that she will be able to learn anything she wants to, after the next two summers are over. After all, even though she will technically “graduate,” the classroom she has been in will continue always…LIFE.


And then I am gently reminded as I glance at my Bible. She is prepared. We have made the most important book a priority. She has all the wisdom and knowledge she will ever need in that book.

While I may have taught her math and science, and writing, and all the in between subjects, nothing at all is more important than laying a biblical foundation. If she knows the Lord, she is prepared for whatever will come her way.

She embraces life, isn’t afraid to take risks, and exudes joy. She always chooses to dance in the rain.


Yes, my baby girl will be prepared. God will be with her always, and as long as she follows Him, I can rest that I have taught her what she needs most.


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Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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