Q&A: What about SENSITIVE Topics in the Bible?


One of the questions I have been asked most from my readers is, “What about sensitive topics?” How do I handle Bible reading with my children when there are some areas of the Bible that may be too sensitive for young ones? For example sexual topics, violence, or things that just may not be age appropriate.

My answer is two-fold. First and foremost, I completely trust the Lord. I trust that if they are in their Bible reading (alone time) He will bring them to the appropriate passages. If they come to an area that is sensitive, I leave it in His hands that they will come to me with their questions and we will discuss it. Now if they are old enough to be reading through their Bibles on their own (in my case it is my 10 year old and 12 year old that are reading on their own) then they are old enough to handle what will come. I truly have left the discretion to the Lord as to where He draws them. So far, there have been no issues.

Second, when I choose passages that we read as a family, we have come across several topics that were sensitive. Depending on the nature of the topic we either a) discuss it or b) skip it. If we discuss it, then I can trust that I am explaining things how I deem appropriate for my children and what they are ready for. If I skip it, then I have decided they are not ready for it yet. Now most times they follow along with me as I am reading, and if so, I will just say we are going to skip over to the next section, etc. No questions yet. 😉

The bottom line is I trust God’s Word. Evry singly word was written for a purpose. I trust it. I also trust that His Word is powerful, active, alive and will work as He intends it on each child. I trust also that we can skip over certain things if need be, and the beautuy of homeschooling is when the times comes to discuss those topics, they are hearing it from me and not someone else. I would much rather be the one that discusses things of sensitve nature with my children.

You can decide for yourself what is appropriate and not for you children and take it to prayer. This is truly a family decision and something that must be decided by you, for your family. Pray that God will show your children the verses they need and if they come across something that is sensitive, then you can address it. If you need to skip over certain sections at that time, that is OK too. Most of all, as with anything else, let God lead this area. He will truly work!



Bible Based Homeschooling:
Our Experiment with Using the Bible as Our Main Textbook.


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A “Typical” Day in Our Bible Based Homeschool

A Glimpse Into Our Day

So many people write me and ask me to share my schedule. I hesitate to do so for a few reason:

  • 1. It is never “typical.” So many days are unpredictable or days that we are out of the house, I am not sure what our typical “schedule” even looks like these days 😉
  • 2. I don’t want anyone to follow what we are doing, but to choose for themselves what is best for each family.

That being said, I will share what a day at home if-we-have-nothing-else-on-our plate-looks-like-day, with the caveat that you please use it as a guide, but do not think by any means, it is the “right” way to schedule a day 🙂

This year has been full of ups and downs and in the beginning of the school year we did have a typical schedule that worked well. Then in October things changed a bit when my husband lost his job and our life was unsettled for awhile. After the new year we found ourselves busy, but burnt out. In February I was already hoping for June. Yet, I was reevaluating why things got hard, and much of it was out of my control. After all, isn’t that what homeschool’s job is – to prepare for life? So what better way to prepare my children for life, then being being immersed in it, seeing how Mommy and Daddy handle life’s challenges, and learning to keep your heads above water during a busy time.

Now that Spring has sprung we are getting outdoors more, will be gardening very soon, and our schedule will surely change. Yet, I am trying to keep a few days a week consistent where we are at home without any other commitments on our plate.

On those days here is what a typical day looks like:

We all wake around 7 am. The alarm goes off about 6 am,and I read God’s Word first before I do anything else. I must have Him be the first thought of my day. Then I pray, lay in bed awhile, and think. Everyone uses this early morning time to do the following:

  • Read Bible/pray
  • Make beds
  • Get dressed
  • Do assigned chores
  • Eat breakfast

At 9 am we gather at the dining room table and begin our Bile study. We are currently in Exodus. It has been an amazing year to study the Bile in depth and use it as our main text. Each week it was incredible to me how the lessons learned completely paralleled what was going on in our life. I know God had us study these lessons at this exact time in our life for a purpose.

We read the passage for the week together, and each child follows along in their Bible. Each child has a list of Spelling words that I enter into SpellingCity each week. When they come across one of their words, they are to spell it. My oldest also has to define hers. We take turns reading some days for read aloud practice as well. I usually gather several resources based on the Bible passage we are studying. We discuss the passage, use the resources and dig in deep. Sometimes we watch videos, read articles, listen to sermons, etc. as well. We also may work on maps based on the passage, look at a history resource, or a science resource. During Creation and The Flood we used many science resources. During the end of Genesis and Exodus we are now using lots of Ancient Egypt resources. For instance, today we watched a movie about the Search for Mt. Sinai. What I find is we no longer separate times of learning “science,” “history,” “geography,” etc. but we just naturally learn these things as we dig into our passages. One week may be heavy in science and one week may be heavy in history.


This Bible time usually takes us about two hours. Then we take a break and the children have their individual work. (Math, Reading, Language Arts. etc) to do. They work on these things independently and I am available for help. We also may read aloud some literature or a missionary biography. 

In the afternoon after all the individual work is done, the kids are free to explore their interests. My son loves taking broken electronics apart and figuring out what is wrong, then putting them back together. Legos are always a hit, as is computer art. Many of the “extras’ take place in the afternoon. Of course on nice days, we are outside exploring nature and when the neighborhood children get home from school, there are always backyard play dates.


So there is a typical day in our homeschool! I’d love to hear what your day is like in the comments below!


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How Do I Stand Being with My Children All Day?

I wrote this post over at my blog, Simply Living…for Him this week. I have had such a huge response from it that I didn’t expect. As homeschooling moms, remember we are priviliged to have our “work” be our kids. We are producing a harvest for the next generation…head over to Simply Living…for Him to read it!


{FREE} Printable- 31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool


Have you visited my other site Simply Living…for Him yet? I share my heart to simplify over there as well as many other things…I have a free resource section where you can download a copy of 31 Days of Prayer for Your Homeschool. I think it is essential to pray over your homeschool daily. These are some verses I selected that can help you in doing just that each day. We must be on guard to keep our homeschools covered in prayer and to keep God at the center!

You can find the {FREE} printable here:

31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool


Using the Bible as Our Main Text- Lessons Learned by the Master Teacher


By far the best decision we have made this year has been to use the Bible as our main text. It has been beyond a blessing. While we have learned so much digging into our Bible studies, I truly understand now that, this was God’s plan all along.

As I look back through the year, we have literally been paralleling lessons in real life that were also the lessons in the passages we were studying. It is simply mind blowing. God is truly amazing.

He is our Master Teacher. I believe with my whole heart that He lead us on this path because He knew just what we would need from His Word at this time in our life.

He is truly amazing. You can read more about what we have learned lately, by reading this post I wrote at Simply Living for Him. 

To God be all the glory for what HE does each moment!

Praise Him!

Worship as a Family

We spend a great deal of time in our Bible study. Yet one thing we haven’t done much this year that I want to get back to is worship as a family. There is no more sweet a time than this!

Why worship as a family?

  • It brings you closer as a family. Have you ever noticed when you are in a group worshipping, how sometimes you feel so connected to those around you? I know I have had experiences lately, for instance at the Real Refreshment Retreat, when I get a glimpse of heaven by hearing the voices of so many praise at the same, and it points me to that eternal praise song we will sing in glory one day. It is a heavenly moment for sure.
  • We are uninhibited. When we are at home with each other, everyone is truly able to let themselves go, raise their hands, sing praises (off key or not 😉  )and belt it out. Sure, we should be this way no matter where we are, but there is something about being home with those you love, that we just let ourselves go 🙂
  • It shows the kids that worship is important. Praising the Lord together as a family each day and making it a priority, shows our children that worship is necessary, important, and beautiful.
  • It helps us focus on Philippians 4:8. We begin the day (or stop during the day) to fil our minds with praises and to focus our minds on Him. Starting your day with praises gets everyone off on the right foot.
  • It is Biblical. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6
  • It is energizing. There is no amount of caffeine that wakes me up more than seeing a two year old with hands lifted, belting out praises. Trust me, I know. 🙂

So how can you worship as a family?

  • Sing hymns.
  • Use YouTube to find worship or praise music. Many can be found with lyrics so everyone can follow along.
  • Set aside time each day, just as you would read devotions or Bible study. Schedule it.
  • Find ways as a family that work for you. As long as you are praising there are really no “rules.”

 Worshipping together as a family is such a beautiful time together. It is something that truly unites as a family, and brings Glory to God. Praise God for the opportunity we have each day to spend this time together!


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Life is Our Classroom!

I wrote this on my blog Simply Living…for Him awhile back. Enjoy!


When I first began homeschooling, we had a classroom. 




And although sometimes our homeschool looks like this:



Over the years I have realized that school at home need not be confined to a classroom, in fact it should not.

Nowadays it looks more like this:

No, education should not be confined to a classroom but should take place everywhere else.










Life is education. 

While it is fun to have  a”place” at home to have “school”~

 never let the confines of a room limit your child’s world…




Life is our classroom








Life is a classroom…



There is freedom in homeschooling!



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Thoughts on Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going…Using the Bible as Our Main Text



I don’t know if I can fully explain in words what our experience studying Genesis this fall has been like, but I will sure try! You can read about why we chose to use the Bible as our main text this fall here.

We started in September studying Genesis as a family and this past week, we completed the book. It has been quite a journey. We really dug into the Word as a family, and I believe God led us here for many purposes at this time in our lives. Back in October my husband lost his job. It has been a journey that has been very difficult, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world because of all that we have learned through it. God has increased our faith so much through this trial.

Consider it Joy

I believe that we were able to get so much out of the lessons in Genesis because of what we were experiencing in our lives at this time. It was like God knew exactly the lessons we would need.
Abraham’s faith was huge for us. It really came alive to us because of what we were going through. Isn’t God truly amazing?


And Joseph. Oh how I trembled when we got to the end of Genesis and read about Joseph. How God worked through that situation that seemed so dire…He worked for good. That is where we are in our current situation…seeing how what we thought was a bad situation, being used for good.  My favorite verse of the entire book is this:

Genesis 50.20

Joseph-thrown in a pit, sold as a slave by his brothers…jailed…then by God’s grace alone, saved those very brothers during the famine years later when he ruled Egypt. Unfathomable in human terms, but not on God’s. And He saved the very brothers through which Jesus would come- through the line of Judah. Unbelievable. God’s plans are SO much bigger and so much better than others. Often times they are what we can not even imagine.

The whole book of Genesis sums that up. Beginning with Creation…God intended it all for good. It was very good. Yet, Adam and Eve fell…yet the Savior was already planned to save us all. God always works for good.

I am so glad we decided to take the leap and use Genesis as our foundation this fall. We are moving into Exodus now and will start by studying Moses and ancient Egypt, and oh, there is so much in there too. 🙂

As I look forward, I believe we will always do in depth Bible study like this as our foundation. I also know that I will add in other things as needed. The Bible is our main text, but not our ONLY text. I have a son who is very interested in inventing, building, and physics. So I have ordered him a book for this. I  want to add things that interest my kids and cultivate their natural curiosities and talents. Let them spend the afternoons exploring and learning according to their natural God-given inquisitiveness.

I am so grateful to God for all He does for us each day. Letting Him lead our homeschool is the only way for us. As soon as I start to get off course, I know I need to submit to His plans and cling to Him in prayer and in His Word. Praise Him for all He has done in our homeschool and what He has in store for us next!



Ancient Egypt Resources

Ancient Egypt

As we begin Exodus, I am just starting to compile lists of resources for studying Ancient Egypt. Here are some I have found so far and some we will be using. I will be updating as I find more!

Bible Archeology- Egypt and the Bible

Egypt Top Ten Gallery( Beautiful photos)

Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

Heart of Wisdom Bible Plans

Simply Charlotte Mason- Genesis to Deuteronomy, Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Activities-teacher’s notebook

Bible Study Resources

Boy of the Pyramids- Simply Charlotte Mason


The Golden Goblet (Newbery Library, Puffin)

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt (Dover Children’s Classics)

God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah (Living History Library)

The Story of Moses for Kids

Blank History Notebooking Pages from the Crafty Classroom

More Egypt Resources from Amazon