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The Bible is a book of literature. In Ruth Beechick’s, A Biblical Home Education, she writes that it is unique in that you can’t categorize it as a certain genre. There are narratives, poetry, and metaphors. It is a supreme resource for teaching literature. As I wrote previously, we do a writing assignment each day. I have a different type of writing  assignment for each day of the week.

  • Monday- Creative writing from a prompt I give them
  • Tuesday-(we are at a fine arts program and don’t usually do one, but if we do it is a “free” topic)
  • Wednesday- Letter writing
  • Thursday- Poetry
  • Friday- Free topic or report


Examples of writing assignments we have done with Genesis so far this year: Creation week:

  • Imagine you are in the garden of Eden. Describe what life is like? (all ages)
  • How would you explain to an atheist your belief that God created the earth in six literal days? (6th grader)
  • Write a poem about how you feel about being created special and unique by God. (2nd grader)
  • Report on an animal of your choice, highlighting the special characteristics that are unique showing how God created it. Include classification of the animal. (all ages)
  • Illustrate the six days of creation with a description of each day (all ages)
  • Write a poem praising God for His Creation

The Flood:

  • Imagine you are on the ark. Describe the conditions. (all ages)
  • Write a one-page essay on the evidence for a global flood (6th grader)
  • Describe what the Ark looked like (size, materials, etc.) (all ages)
  • Write a newspaper article about the occurrence of a worldwide flood! (4th and 6th grader)
  • Write a report about dinosaurs or fossils and their proof of a worldwide flood (4th and 6th grader)

Creation Vs. Evolution

  • Write an essay telling why creation is what you believe. Dispute evolution. (6th grader)
  • Write about an animal that defies evolution (all ages)


  • Describe what it looks like when you arrive in Egypt
  • Write a poem about the land of Egypt
  • Research ancient Egypt and report to the family about something that interests you from that time period
  • Write a play about Joseph and his brothers
  • Write a newspaper article regarding the loss of Joseph to his family
  • Write a story from Joseph’s perspective of what life was like after his brothers sold him
  • Write about a dream you once had. How might you interpret it?

No matter what passages in the Bible you are studying, there are ways to assign writing based on them, whether it be creative writing, poetry, narrative, or informational. Be creative, and get them writing!  Writing assignments based on our Bible passages have been not only fun, but a great way to put our skills to practical use. My daughter, who is an aspiring writer, came up with a really great idea this week for a series of kids books, based on what we have learned. I am encouraging her to write, write, write. She has been inspired by the materials, and now I will help her pursue it. I just love when learning becomes a passion!

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Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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