Bible Based Homeschooling- What Does It Look Like?



This is the first post in a series about just what does Bible Based Homeschooling look like. Today I will address why we are doing this and how we got here.

This past Spring I spoke at the ENOCH State Homeschool Convention (NJ.) While there I had the privilege of listening in on one of Mark Hamby’s talks. I love Lamplighter Publishing, and Mr. Hamby’s teaching was wonderful. Toward the end of his presentation, he made a comment that stuck with me well afterwards. He stated that if he could homeschool all over again, he would take a year  and take out all of the textbooks away and to just study the Bible. Perhaps at around the age of twelve. That statement played in my mind all summer.

As I thought about it, I didn’t think we would do exactly what he had stated, yet it made me think about being in the Word much more as a family. Really studying it. I thought about how could we NOT be transformed as a family if we were in the Word together everyday for hours at a time?

I prayed, I sought scripture, and I decided to take a leap of faith. I read Ruth Beechick’s, A Biblical Home Education and it confirmed even more what I wanted to do.

I decided to commit from September to December using the Bible as our main text. I spent a fair amount of time in the summer preparing for how we would do this (more on that to come in the next post.) Then with God as our leader, I set out to do it.

Now with several months under our belt, and no sign of changing things just yet,

I can tell you how this way of homeschooling has changed our family.


We are studying in depth the Bible as a family- we are not merely just reading Bible stories. We are digging in deep and learning so much together.

The Bible is full of history, geography, and science. It is a unique book of literature. It is full of wisdom. It truly is the greatest textbook. He has blessed us already in so many ways. I see how doing this is really a very natural way of learning. Much more natural than just breaking up subjects and teaching them at different blocks during the day. 

God has weaved together quite beautifully in our world all things-
and learning about them is also a natural weaving together of His creation and His story.


I enjoy that we are working through as a family, from the 4 year old up to the twelve year old. Each gleaning exactly what God intends for them at this time.

More importantly though, I will say that while we love learning all of those things, and while it is vitally important to learn each subject, the most exciting thing for me is what our studies are doing in our family. To all be sitting around the dining room table each morning and reading God’s Word together each day, discussing it, and analyzing it….it is almost hard to write in words how it excites me. The questions that the kids come up with-the discussions that arise-are all incredible. It has brought us closer together as a family.

And the lessons don’t stop at the dining room table. We find ourselves discussing things all throughout the day and evening-bringing up lessons we learned through God’s Word. It’s been simply beautiful.

I have seen Matthew 6:33 at work. We are seeking Him above all and He is providing for their academic needs. I see their learning exploding in all subjects, but most importantly we are getting closer to Him.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33

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Welcome to Bible Based Homeschooling {on a budget}

It’s here! The day I’ve been looking forward to!

Welcome to Bible Based Homeschooling {on a budget}

In the summer of 2012 I had the conviction to begin using the Bible as our main textbook in our homeschool. After spending many hours of prayer and research, I took a leap of faith and began our new school year steeped in God’s Word. We have been abundatly blessed by choosing to homeschool in this manner. Everything we do changes when we have the Word of God as our main focus.

At the same time we were facing a job loss and knew that we wouldn’t have tons of money to spend on resources. Thankfully in the world we live in these days, we have access to so many valuable budget friendly resources. I have found many ways to study the Bible and combine that with great supplements, all for very little cost.

In a day and age where homeschoolers can quickly lose sight of their goals, and the pressure to deliver high academics is abound, God sometimes loses His central place in our homeschool. It is my vision to use this site as a place where I can share great {budget friendly} resources, ideas on how to use the Bible as your foundation in homeschool, and to advertise deals that are helpful for a family looking to homeschool this way. In addition, I want to have a place where YOU the reader can share what your are doing. The community page is coming soon just for YOU.

So take a look around, discover the abundance of resources out there, and learn all the ways we can keep God at the center of our homeschools. If you have a resource or an idea to share please email me at

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Preschooling with Bible as Your Main Text

Incorporating my preschooler into our studies this fall has been loads of fun! We are using the Bible as our main textbook, and are currently studying the book of Genesis.  I have found so many amazing resources to help him jump right in and be a part of our learning each day.

Some things he has done or is doing with us:

  • Made  a minbook for Noah’s ark using this printable 
  • Learned about animal classification

 Playing a game using mega blocks to sort by color to explain classification

Sorting games with beans for more classification learning



  • We are using these fabulous letter coloring pages
  • We also use flash cards to jump to the letters I call out (sort of like Hullabaloo with our own twist!)


  • We’ve made a mini book about the days of Creation
  • Colored rainbow pictures when we talked about the Flood and God’s promise
  • The preschooler has joined in all of our video watching and read alouds
  • His older siblings read books to him about Adam and Eve, Creation, and Noah’s Ark
  • We’ve been reading lots of books about dinosaurs
  • Made a family tree when we learned about the family line from Adam to Noah

It’s been really rather simple and natural to include activities for all different age groups while studying Genesis. The preschooler has fit right in and I’m excited to have us all digging into the Bible together.