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typical Day

So many of you have written to me asking if I could share what we do on a daily basis. So I will do my best to address that in today’s post. Let me start by saying…there really is no “typical day.” Everyday is different. Yet we do have a general rhythm and flow to our day.

We begin at 9:00 with our Bible passage. This time is pretty consistent each day. We have been in the book of Genesis since September, and we have been reading anywhere from 1-3 chapters per week. Each morning at 9:00 we read the passage for the week together. I like reading it out loud everyday together for five days. Everyday it speaks more to us. Each child follows along in their Bible while I read, and sometimes we take turns reading.

Every week I choose spelling words for each child from the passage of the week, and I enter them into lists inSpelling City. While I am reading aloud, if they come across their spelling word, they say, “Stop!” and they then spell the word out loud.  I like that they see their words in context each day and it helps them to learn spelling and vocabulary of many words.

After reading the passage we will discuss it. Any given week I may have pulled together some resources in preparation, such as articles from Answers in Genesis, commentaries, or using my Life Application Study Bible. We may also point out various words or translations.

Then we will use additional resources depending on what we are studying. For instance we may pull out A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land to learn about Ancient Israel or Egypt. We may use Google earth to “visit” some of the place we learned. We may watch some videos from Answers in Genesis (huge when we studies Creation) or we may watch a DVD about another topic.

We may also do some timeline plotting. For instance, one time we made a “human timeline” with the kids each representing different years to get a visual of the historical events. I like to remind them the order of things in history.

Some weeks are very history focused in our activities and some weeks may be very science focused. I don’t really break these things up into scheduled “times.” They are an outflow of what we are learning in our Bible passage. When we were in Noah’s Ark there was lots of science to learn. When we were learning about Joseph there was more history. It just depends on what the topics are for the week.

While doing all of this the preschooler may be involved as little or much as he wants. I will generally print out coloring pages for him that relate to the topic, or he may do more involved activities such as sorting and classifying objects (when we studied animal classification in Creation this was perfect for him.) Or he may work on learning his days of the week {tied into creation studies, etc.}

We usually are in the Bible for about two hours and then the children begin their “individual work.” This includes their math (Math U See) and language arts. Their spelling words are practiced on Spelling City, and copywork comes directly from the passage of the week. I also assign writing assignments based on the passage. Examples would be “Explain why you believe Creation over evolution” (for the olders) or “You live in ancient Israel. Describe your typical day.” The younger ones may just draw a picture of it.

Each day we practice a different type of writing- Creative, Letter Writing, Poetry, and we have a “free writing” day. I also assign “reports” at times, which just entails picking out books from the library on a topic that interests the child and learning all they can about it and presenting it to the family.

After all of our work is finished, the kids usually go outside, do crafts, build circuits, work on the computer, or other interest led activities. Sometimes we just “veg” and watch movies 🙂

Our Bible based homeschool is just that- Bible based. It doesn’t mean every single thing we do is from the Bible, but it is definitely our foundation. We try to always point to God in all we learn, whether from the “plan” that week or not. After all, the best lessons we learn often weren’t planned.

I am flexible in our schedule as we try and stick to the flow, but I am open to life getting “in the way” at times. 

Bible based homeschooling is very natural, as we learn what God has created for us. He is the greatest teacher there is.




Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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