A “Typical” Day in Our Bible Based Homeschool

A Glimpse Into Our Day

So many people write me and ask me to share my schedule. I hesitate to do so for a few reason:

  • 1. It is never “typical.” So many days are unpredictable or days that we are out of the house, I am not sure what our typical “schedule” even looks like these days 😉
  • 2. I don’t want anyone to follow what we are doing, but to choose for themselves what is best for each family.

That being said, I will share what a day at home if-we-have-nothing-else-on-our plate-looks-like-day, with the caveat that you please use it as a guide, but do not think by any means, it is the “right” way to schedule a day 🙂

This year has been full of ups and downs and in the beginning of the school year we did have a typical schedule that worked well. Then in October things changed a bit when my husband lost his job and our life was unsettled for awhile. After the new year we found ourselves busy, but burnt out. In February I was already hoping for June. Yet, I was reevaluating why things got hard, and much of it was out of my control. After all, isn’t that what homeschool’s job is – to prepare for life? So what better way to prepare my children for life, then being being immersed in it, seeing how Mommy and Daddy handle life’s challenges, and learning to keep your heads above water during a busy time.

Now that Spring has sprung we are getting outdoors more, will be gardening very soon, and our schedule will surely change. Yet, I am trying to keep a few days a week consistent where we are at home without any other commitments on our plate.

On those days here is what a typical day looks like:

We all wake around 7 am. The alarm goes off about 6 am,and I read God’s Word first before I do anything else. I must have Him be the first thought of my day. Then I pray, lay in bed awhile, and think. Everyone uses this early morning time to do the following:

  • Read Bible/pray
  • Make beds
  • Get dressed
  • Do assigned chores
  • Eat breakfast

At 9 am we gather at the dining room table and begin our Bile study. We are currently in Exodus. It has been an amazing year to study the Bile in depth and use it as our main text. Each week it was incredible to me how the lessons learned completely paralleled what was going on in our life. I know God had us study these lessons at this exact time in our life for a purpose.

We read the passage for the week together, and each child follows along in their Bible. Each child has a list of Spelling words that I enter into SpellingCity each week. When they come across one of their words, they are to spell it. My oldest also has to define hers. We take turns reading some days for read aloud practice as well. I usually gather several resources based on the Bible passage we are studying. We discuss the passage, use the resources and dig in deep. Sometimes we watch videos, read articles, listen to sermons, etc. as well. We also may work on maps based on the passage, look at a history resource, or a science resource. During Creation and The Flood we used many science resources. During the end of Genesis and Exodus we are now using lots of Ancient Egypt resources. For instance, today we watched a movie about the Search for Mt. Sinai. What I find is we no longer separate times of learning “science,” “history,” “geography,” etc. but we just naturally learn these things as we dig into our passages. One week may be heavy in science and one week may be heavy in history.


This Bible time usually takes us about two hours. Then we take a break and the children have their individual work. (Math, Reading, Language Arts. etc) to do. They work on these things independently and I am available for help. We also may read aloud some literature or a missionary biography. 

In the afternoon after all the individual work is done, the kids are free to explore their interests. My son loves taking broken electronics apart and figuring out what is wrong, then putting them back together. Legos are always a hit, as is computer art. Many of the “extras’ take place in the afternoon. Of course on nice days, we are outside exploring nature and when the neighborhood children get home from school, there are always backyard play dates.


So there is a typical day in our homeschool! I’d love to hear what your day is like in the comments below!


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Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.