Lessons from 1 Kings and Anticipating the New Testament

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Reading Through the Entire Bible as a Family

Admittedly, I have lost track of what week we are on in reading through the entire Bible as a family. I don’t have a timeline for completing this. Our objective as a family is to read through the entire Bible together, no matter how long it takes.

We have been diligent about reading every night together, sometimes longer passages than others, but always doing at least one chapter. Even when my daughter and I were in Atlanta last week, we still managed to read together as a family via FaceTime! So grateful for that blessing.

Sometimes our discussions take longer and we may be really interested in a topic. Other times, I confess, we are all a bit confused. I am thankful for commentaries and resources to help us at times like these! (and a really good study Bible!)

Last night our discussion centered anticipating the New Testament. Sometimes we see Jesus so clearly in the Old Testament and we marvel at that. And sometimes, we are just left feeling a bit perplexed because of the text. In my mind I start to think, “Ugh. I can’t wait until we get to the good stuff of the New Testament!.”

I shared this with my family last night and realized that yes, imagine living in Old Testament times. The anticipation of a Savior and the longing for more. So when the going gets rough for us in our Old Testament study, we rejoice knowing what is to come!

That being said, the Old Testament really is rich and meaningful and we can’t possibly understand the New Testament without it. I am grateful for the challenging times for us to stretch ourselves, learn more, and anticipate the coming of our Savior!

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Need a study Bible to help you get started? These are some of my favorites:

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The NKJV Study Bible: Second Edition

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The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: KJV Edition, Hardbound (Key Word Study Bibles)

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