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Rent Homeschool Curriculum? Brilliant!

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Homeschoolers (at least this one) are notorious for buying too much curriculum. You know, we get those shiny catalogs each Spring and then those homeschool convention halls are just so beautifully adorned with so many amazing choices! I know in the past have been quite guilty of wanting to try it all! That usually means each year ending up with quite a few resources that we never used. Or often times something that looked great for someone else or worked so well for a friend, didn’t work for us. I was always left with an accumulating pile of unused or a didn’t-work-well piles of books to give away.

That is why I LOVE this solution to the homeschool curriculum overload problem! Introducing Yellow House Book Rental. Why buy, when you can try it out first? You can RENT homeschool curriculum! Is that brilliant, or what? 

If you decide you like it, you can also rent-to-buy!

Explore the Possibilities


With favorites like:

  • Life of Fred
  • Sonlight
  • Apologia
  • Write Shop
  • Bright Ideas Press
  • CurrClick
  • Notgrass
  • Peace Hill Press
  • and more….

How can you go wrong?

Yellow House Book Rental solves the problem of too much curriculum, and also knowing if a certain curriculum will work for you. No longer are you stuck with something that just didn’t fit or something that didn’t work. You can try before you buy! Brilliant!

You can also buy used curriculum!

Visit Yellow House Book Rental today!


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