Apologia Biology- Our Last Dissection Lab!



My daughter completed her last dissection lab in Biology yesterday and let me tell you, it was a blessing! YES, I said a blessing. First, we had my father come and teach the labs this year, which was amazing! He is a retired scientist and biology major, so this really was a blessing. He was able to help my daughter in so many ways and teach her so much more than I could.

We truly enjoyed the dissections. At first, us girls were a bit more squeamish, but really once we got into it, we marvelled at how God creates His creatures! From the earthworm to the crayfish, and now the perch and frog, He made each one just perfectly with so many distinct characteristics.
This was right before we began the dissection of the perch and frog.



What was really cool about this lab was that the frog dissection came with no instructions! I loved how Apologia explained that in this dissection the student had learned enough to now be their own scientist. The student was to research on their own and then come up with the instructions. This was an awesome way to use all of the skills from the previous labs and all that we had learned to then have to do this. I love that about Apologia. They encourage learning and thinking, not just following a list of steps.




Afterwards, my boys really got excited with Grandpa as they continued to “dissect‘ the frog. The marvelled at all the intricacies of the frog and it was a great memory with Grandpa! I love that we have the older generation teaching the younger. We had family time as well as learning all meshed together.


Thank you Apologia for once again providing excellent lessons that are above and beyond!

For more info on Apologia please visit www.apologia.com

Author: Karen DeBeus

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