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Week two on our school is complete! I am really happy with our schedule so far, and our studies. We are learning about the gospels this year in our Bible study. I have learned so much myself already! 🙂

What we are doing: 

Bible: We are going through Matthew. We went through Chapter 2 and part of 3. We are using the NIV Life Application Study Bible and a commentary to break down each verse as we read. We’ve read about Jesus entering the world, and three prophecies that were fulfilled right there in Chapter 2. We also read about John the Baptist and how he was preparing the people for the Messiah.

SO much history was covered this week. We are continuing to learn about the Roman Empire.  We are reading form several library books about Ancient Rome, and the book City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, by David Macaulay. We are gaining an understanding of the political situation as well as the religious situation at the time. We’ve discussed Pharisees, Sadducees, chief priests, Herod…so much in such a little passage! We also are learning geography here. We made a map of the land of Ancient Palestine to mark out the major areas we have discussed already- Judea, Galilee, and Samaria. We see how Jesus fulfilled prophecy in being born in Bethlehem (Judea), fleeing for Egypt, and then growing up in Nazareth. Simply fascinating.

Next week, we will start with John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. We will also learn about the Jordan River.

I have the book, Where Jesus Walked and we have been looking at the beautiful pictures of the Holy Land. We also started watching the video Where Jesus Walked, on Amazon. My kids love the visuals.


After our Bible study, I’ve been working with my boys in Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. They love it. We even made sorbet at the end of the week, which was a huge hit!

My daughter (7th grade) is doing Apologia General Science on her own. She is doing an amazing job note taking and working independently. I am so proud of her. She also has been writing essays, on topics I have given her pertaining to our Bible study. My boys and I are still working on Spelling Wisdom (from Simple Charlotte Mason)  together and it is my favorite spelling program I have use thus far. It is worth checking out.

My older son is reading the book Galen and the Gateway to Medicine on his own. He is narrating back to me after each chapter. He is really enjoying this book. my daughter is reading The Bronze Bow. My younger son, is reading a Magic Tree House book.

Everyone is working on math using Math-U-See. 

The preschooler is still working on his letters and he took my phone one day and had a letter “A” scavenger hunt around the house. He came back to me with tons of pictures on my phone of things starting with the letter “A.” This was so fun for him. (and so simple!)

Oh…and life lessons…let me share a quick one here…the 4 year old learned that you can’t save the crabs legs that you found at the beach last week under your bed. We found out where the stink was coming from in his room! AH! BOYS!!! 🙂


Ok…back to “school” lessons…

In the afternoons, we read aloud for an hour and are reading Aesop’s Fables and Prince Caspian. This week for fun, I had my kids write their own fable with a moral. They then acted it out for me. We were laughing so hard. Their moral was, “it’s better to have a shaved cat than a dead dog.”  ??? HA! (actually the idea was to be happy with what you have)  It was quite creative, and ummm…well….educational?! Sometimes you just have to be silly. 🙂

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