Week #9 Reading Through the Entire Bible as a Family- Numbers


Bible Reading Family Week 9

This week we are still in Numbers. We have slowed down with our reading and have only been in one chapter a night, generally, because we are reading commentary along with it. 

Last night we came to Numbers Chapter 11. Next time you are in  complaining mode, read it! No really, this commentary that we used was so good— here is just an excerpt:

Memory often romanticizes the past; one may long for a return to the spiritual environment of one’s youth, when everyone seemed more right with God and more on fire. Yet, this is often confused with a simple longing for our youth – when things seemed so much more simple, our responsibilities were fewer, and everything was newer.


iii. Israel fell in love with an illusion from the past (how great Egypt was), instead of looking for what God had for them in the future – the Promised Land, which was truly a land of milk and honey – all the great food they could ever want! God’s best for us is always ahead, never behind us.


  1. Nothing at all except this manna: Essentially, their complaint against the manna was, “It’s not exciting enough. It’s boring.” This appalling lack of gratitude was nothing less than to have despised the LORD (Numbers 11:20). God is our provider; to despise what He provides is to despise Him. It is not God’s job to entertain us, and we should be more than children who demand to be entertained and excited.


  1. Now our whole being is dried up: The complaining heart romanticizes the past but it also exaggerates the problems of the present. Our whole being is dried upwas a gross exaggeration. God would not allow them away in the wilderness. In fact, God provided their every need – though not every desire.

Excerpt from  http://www.enduringword.com/commentaries/0411.htm



How many times do we complain daily about so many little things? (believe me, I do it too! 😉  But really, God is not pleased with this attitude of complaining. Besides, we have JESUS. How can we go about our day complaining, when we have the ultimate gift already? 

We should never be “just hanging-in-there” people– we are Promised Land people that are living in it! No matter what surrounds us, we can have joy. He has already delivered us into the Promised Land!

Now, I know that people go through some hard stuff. Some really hard stuff. And it is not easy. I am not belittling that here, although I know that God wants us to trust Him through whatever the situation. But what I am talking about is the little stuff that we seem to complain about all the time- we are so busy, our internet is too slow, our kids are not doing chores cheerfully, no one notices all the work we do—that stuff my friends, is not the attitude of a Promised Land citizen! That is the attitude of a worldly inhabitant.





We are redeemed, washed clean, promised a future, promised all of eternity with our Lord and Savior! Let’s not get caught up in lack of faith and ungrateful hearts.

Let’s walk like we truly believe we are HIS. 


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