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Seeing God’s Character in His Creation

God's Character in Creation.jpg

Yesterday we took  a spontaneous trip to the shore for a picnic

It was a rare 84 degrees in October, so in the morning I told the kids if they finished their work,  we would could take a trip to the beach for lunch and exploring. (I never saw them work so diligently! 😉

We had a great afternoon. We ate lunch and then the kids had fun just exploring in the water. When we arrived it was low tide, and there were millions of little sand crabs. They had a blast digging in the sand and watching as the little critters tried to bury themselves back into the sand. At first we didn’t know what they were, but then we looked it up on my phone and we learned all about them right there on the beach.

Then as they day went on, the tide started getting higher and higher. Where we once sat on our chairs, became completely covered in water. What a great opportunity to talk about the tides and the moon, and SO much more.

These are the lessons I love.

They are real. We experience them. They are not just words in a book, but things we feel and see and hear.


What I loved most was seeing our Creator in His Creation.

It never ceases to amaze me how nature always shows us God’s character. From His creativity in His Creation, to the incredible detail in Creation. I mean, how can you not look at all of those little critters and see how amazing they are. They could NOT have just evolved here accidentally. Each one is so intricately designed. It’s fascinating.

Seeing God’s character through His Creation is something I treasure for my kids.

They stare at the enormity of the sea, or the grains of sand, the tiny sea shells so perfectly formed, or the huge amount of little critters and they see how enormous God is. How sovereign. That He knows each grain of sand, each molecule of each creature. It blows my mind. We just stared at the beach and said, “God knows every detail.” Truly amazing and truly a moment I will cherish.

I am glad I listened to that voice in my mind early in the morning to take them to the beach. I am pretty sure we won’t have many days that warm left this fall, so instead of thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn’t go, I just thought of all the reason I should. What a blessing.