Studying Numbers Week #8

We are still reading through the entire Bible as a family!


This week we hit Numbers. Yup, another one of those books that I normally don’t choose to read 😉 Yet, God is so good. He had laid on my heart that our family should read through the entire Bible together, and I am already seeing so much fruit because we have obeyed.

Not only are we learning together and spending this precious time together, but it has forced me to dig into things I normally wouldn’t on my own. It has also forced us all to be accountable to actualy reading through the entire Bible.

Last night in Numbers we were reading Chapter 7. It is quite long and pretty much each paragraph repeats itself. And then we read this commentary (from

a. His offering was one silver platter: Each leader brought a silver platter and a silver platter, each full of fine flour mixed with oil as a grain offering; a gold pan with incense, a bull, a ram, a male lamb, a young goat, two oxen, five rams, five adult goats, and five more lambs.

 Clearly, this was generous giving. God must show Promised Land people how to be givers – one of the best measures of one who has moved from a slave mind-set to a Promised Land mind-set. The slave by nature is a taker, because he is often unsure of provision. Promised land people are generous, because they trust in a God who promised to meet all their needs.

b. His offering was one silver platter: Each tribal leader brought exactly the same offering over the twelve days.

 Clearly, this was humble giving. By requiring the same gift from every tribe, God made sure that no tribe or tribal leader glorified himself through his giving. We must resist the tendency to give in order to be seen of men. Promised land people care about God’s glory, not their own.

This was the dedication offering for the altar from the leaders of Israel: Each offering is recorded exactly the same way – seemingly, “wasting” space in the Scriptures. God’s purpose is to draw attention to each tribes offering, though they were all the same.

 Clearly, godly giving is always noticed by God, even if it is the same or less than many other gifts. God sees and “records” every gift given in a right heart, even if it is only worth two mites (Mark 12:42-44). Every gift from a promised-land kind of heart is noticed by God.

Oh, praise the Lord that He teaches us right where we need to be. I continue to be astounded by His Word.

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