Studying Acts- Week 1

It’s a new year and a new Bible study has begun for us. 

Studying Acts

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Our Bible Study- Acts.

Now, this will differ from the year that we used the Bible as our main textbook, but our Bible study still serves as our most important lesson of the day, and still is our priority. Our history, geography, and some other lessons will come from this study as well. So here is what we are doing:

Our first hour of the day (the family hour) is spent reading through the book we are studying. This year it is Acts. We spent this week in Acts 1 and 2. I use the Life Application Study Bible, so we read through all of the commentary as we go. We stop and discuss line by line. We also have used some Bible Atlases to look at the maps of the areas we are studying. In particular today we looked at a map of the areas mentioned in Acts similar to this one below:




After we finish reading and discussing, we read Mystery of History. So far we have read the intro and Lesson 1 of Volume 2 (Early Church and Middle Ages.) We are loving it. It fits perfectly with our study.

Tomorrow we are going to do some of the suggested activities for the lesson.  This will include a reenactment of the lame man at Beautiful Gate is Acts 3, and then my daughter is working on reciting Stephen’s sermon in Acts 7.

While we read through MOH, I have printed out some coloring pages to keep the kindergartner’s attention. Since we read about Pentecost today, his pages were based on that.

I also have the older children copying the entire book of Acts this year. I plan on being in Acts for the whole year, so they have time to do this. Acts is 29 chapters long, so if they do one chapter per week, they can do it! I am actually doing it as well. I love the idea of writing out whole books of the Bible.


I just love how God chose this study for us. I prayed this summer over what we would study, and this is just perfect right now. As long as we let Him lead, we can’t go wrong. He is our Master Teacher!

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