A Sabbath Week in Our Homeschool

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We are taking a rest. This year I have decided to schedule in purposeful breaks. We have worked six weeks so far, and this week on our seventh we will rest.

Previously I have always tried to work without many breaks. We would take a long break at Christmas and maybe a Spring break, but that was it. Sure, we’d be finished with formal school by the end of May, but we’d also be burnt out in February! 😉

So I am really thankful I had read about Sabbath schooling and taking a seventh week of rest. Although with holidays in there, it won’t always fall on the seventh week, this first one has. We will not take a purposeful break again until Christmastime.

I am hoping purposeful rest will keep us more consistent, will help us recharge, and will give us some time to rest. We have worked hard for the past six weeks. It is a well earned rest.

We will still have our co-op to attend, and the kids will of course be learning in real life, but this is a week to put away the formal schedule and formal work. I am excited to see how it goes…be sure to check back and I will let you know!

As for today…we are off to the pumpkin patch! 🙂

Blessings and joy,



Slow and steady homeschool…sometimes slow is better.

Sabbath Schooling

Since we are on our Sabbath week in our homeschool, I am taking a break to look back and see what we have done, and what is left to do. That’s the funny thing about homeschooling…there isn’t really a set of “to-do’s” that ever end, because we are always learning. Our Bible study should be a way of life, just as learning other subjects.

What is a Sabbath Week?

 Every 7th (approximately) we take a week off from our usual studies. We do still have outside activities on those weeks, but our “formal” school is put aside. This has been a blessing for the kids, but mostly for me. Usually, I am pushing to work as many days during the year, so we can finish our school year early. Yet, I have found by March, I am burnt out and ready to throw in the towel. Allowing for breaks throughout the year, gives me time to regroup and refocus. It has been one of our best decisions! At the end of June we will begin our summer break.

Sabbath Weeks are a blessing. I am able to sit here and reflect on our days, readjust if needed, and spend time with the Lord asking Him to guide me. It is something I wish I had done sooner in our homeschool, rather than always trying to rush. It seems like we were doing the same amount of schooling, but at a faster pace. This equated to Spring fever in February! 😉 Now, we are taking it a little slower…doing a fair amount of “disciplined” learning each day…but taking it at a better pace. I have allowed myself and the kids breaks and knowing that break is coming, motivates us more to complete the tasks at hand.

I am homeschooling at a slow and steady pace and that is a good place to be this year!

What We Have Done So Far

This year we made several changes. One being, my oldest (7th grade) does most of her work on her own. Yet, we all spend the first hour (at least of the day) still together. We read through our Bible passage, discuss it, and dig in. Often we read commentaries that I find, or other resources to help us understand the passage. The younger children take turns reading the passage out loud, and this gives them more reading practice.

We also are studying the time period of the book we are in. Since we are studying Matthew, we have explored Ancient Rome. We’ve used various books, websites, and videos to learn what the time period was like, and this helps our understanding of the Bible even more.

After our family time is complete, my daughter works on her assignments. I give her an assignments sheet for the week. This usually includes reading, writing assignments, math, Apologia science, Bible work, and extras- cello, dance practice,  and public speaking practice (we are in a local ICC group.)

While she works away, my sons and I do Apologia science together, and they work on Math, spelling, writing, and reading. Usually the writing assignments come from the theme of our Bible time, but not always.

By the afternoon, most work is complete, and after lunch the kids sit and listen to a read aloud. Afterwards, they are free to explore their interests, and play quietly. After 4pm, they are allowed to have electronics, although once the weather permits, they will be outside until dinner! 🙂

We are a pretty flexible family. We combine disciplined work (increasing as they get older…) with free exploration. We are open to our schedule changing at anytime, and we let life get in the way! (That is where the best lessons are usually learned!)

This has been our most relaxed year in terms of me not worrying if we are “doing enough…” I have seen the fruits of slow and steady. I have seen the fruits of relying on God. I have seen the fruits of rest too.



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