Reading Through the Entire Bible as a Family: Lessons from David (1 Samuel) Week #19

Studying David- Lessons From 1 Samuel


It has been interesting to really dig into the Bible together, and this week we have been looking closely at David. We are in 1 Samuel and have really been intrigued getting to know David, a man after God’s own heart.

So much of David’s life is truly admirable and qualities we all should strive for. The humble shepherd, who loved God and sought Him above all. It is such a stark contrast to the current world we live in right now, especially as political matters play out in our country.

Here was a David. A shepherd boy who was chosen to be King. He wasn’t a public figure, he wasn’t even a strong figure. He was a shepherd boy tending his sheep. He faced a giant in battle, never once proclaiming to defeat the giant in his own strength, but purely in God’s strength. He trusted God above man or even himself.

He didn’t become prideful from the accolades. People loved and adored him! And, he kept his eyes on God. He didn’t seek fame or power, he sought God.

Then Saul pursues him trying to kill him, and he continues to worship the Lord, even as a fugitive. Many of our beautiful Psalms were written during that time. God uses it all for good.

And, of course, our Savior will come as a result of David.

I am grateful for my children to learn about David and see what a man after God’s own heart looks like. This experience of reading through the Bible has truly been a blessing. Just last night, one of my children said, “Oh, the Psalms make much more sense now in seeing when and why they were written.” Pretty cool, huh?

Thank you, Lord, for your Word and that you that we have the blessing of studying it together. I said to my seven-year-old last night, “By the time this year is over, at the age of seven you will have heard the entire Bible read to you. Isn’t that awesome?” His big smile gave me my answer, and my heart smiled even bigger.

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