Q&A: What about SENSITIVE Topics in the Bible?


One of the questions I have been asked most from my readers is, “What about sensitive topics?” How do I handle Bible reading with my children when there are some areas of the Bible that may be too sensitive for young ones? For example sexual topics, violence, or things that just may not be age appropriate.

My answer is two-fold. First and foremost, I completely trust the Lord. I trust that if they are in their Bible reading (alone time) He will bring them to the appropriate passages. If they come to an area that is sensitive, I leave it in His hands that they will come to me with their questions and we will discuss it. Now if they are old enough to be reading through their Bibles on their own (in my case it is my 10 year old and 12 year old that are reading on their own) then they are old enough to handle what will come. I truly have left the discretion to the Lord as to where He draws them. So far, there have been no issues.

Second, when I choose passages that we read as a family, we have come across several topics that were sensitive. Depending on the nature of the topic we either a) discuss it or b) skip it. If we discuss it, then I can trust that I am explaining things how I deem appropriate for my children and what they are ready for. If I skip it, then I have decided they are not ready for it yet. Now most times they follow along with me as I am reading, and if so, I will just say we are going to skip over to the next section, etc. No questions yet. 😉

The bottom line is I trust God’s Word. Evry singly word was written for a purpose. I trust it. I also trust that His Word is powerful, active, alive and will work as He intends it on each child. I trust also that we can skip over certain things if need be, and the beautuy of homeschooling is when the times comes to discuss those topics, they are hearing it from me and not someone else. I would much rather be the one that discusses things of sensitve nature with my children.

You can decide for yourself what is appropriate and not for you children and take it to prayer. This is truly a family decision and something that must be decided by you, for your family. Pray that God will show your children the verses they need and if they come across something that is sensitive, then you can address it. If you need to skip over certain sections at that time, that is OK too. Most of all, as with anything else, let God lead this area. He will truly work!



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Author: Karen DeBeus

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