Pilgrim’s Progress All-in-One Curriculum from Answers in Genesis

Pilgrim’s Progress All-in-One Curriculum from Answers in Genesis

*Disclaimer: I was given this product for an honest review. In no way has that affected my review. All of the opinions are mine. This post may also include affiliate links.


I am so thrilled about this review! Our family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Pilgrim’s Progress. We have read through the Little Pilgrim’s Progress edition a few times, and we adore the story. It is such a beautiful picture of the journey we are all on in our Christian walk. This is a classic and MUST read for all families.

Well, when given the opportunity to review Answers in Genesis’s Pilgrim’s Progress Pack, I could not wait! I jumped at the chance. Not only was this the story we have loved, but now we could dig in much more with this full curriculum. It is also not the “little” version we had previously been exposed to, so it was taking it a step further for us as well.

The Pilgrims’ Progress Pack came with a few pieces:

  • The Audiobook
  • The All-In-One Curriculum
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress, Illustrated and Annotated


Audiobooks and All-in-One Curriculum

I was delighted to have the CD’s to listen to perhaps on a car ride or just when working around the house. This is a fully dramatized version and is over 5 hours long!

The All-in-One Curriculum is brilliant. It has lessons included that can be used in homeschool, family devotions,  Sunday School, or personal or group study. It also comes with a CD that has all of the student pages that are reproducible. LOVE that. Each chapter is followed by a series of these pages to encourage deepr thinking. We have been doing these together as a family, but they can certainly be given as school assignments.


There is also a section in the beginning for the Instructor that provides lessons for each chapter with History, Science and Language Arts. Truly amazing. We haven’t been using all of it, but have tailored it to suit this time in our homeschool, and I love that we can do that. Yet, with younger children, I know somewhere down the line we will pull this out again and perhaps at that time, use all of it.


One of the unique and wonderful things about this set is the annotations in each chapter. Throughout the story there are Scripture references in the margin. We have been looking them up as we read, and it has been exciting to see how the story corresponds directly with Scripture. We read through the story with Bibles in hand 🙂



Historical Background Author’s Apology

Our very first time using the curriculum we read through the beginning section which provided historical background about John Bunyan and the church at that time in history. We learned so much in that lesson alone. It was fascinating and also provides a backdrop for the story and for where Bunyan was on his own spiritual journey at the time of writing the story. I love how church history and literature intersect here.



I am so blessed to have this curriculum and I know your family will be too. It is truly a delight to open this up each afternoon. We have been involved in some deep discussions that the digging deeper sections have prompted. I am so grateful for these times with my children. And to make it even better, not only are we learning Scriptural truths each day, we are learning new vocabulary words, language arts lessons, and more.

This curriculum is worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to tie the biblical truths into their other subjects.

If you want to know more, head over to Answers in Genesis to read more and order yours. 

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  1. I’m sitting in a bookstore in Grand Rapids, MI looking at this right now…wondering if God is pointing me to do this next year. My girls will be in 8th and 10th grades. I would love to hear your thoughts about age appropriateness. Thank you.

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