Homeschooling- Just a Small Part of Discipling our Children

Yes, I am a homeschool advocate. Yes, I am pro-homeschooling, for my family. Yes, I love homeschooling (most days! ;)) Yet, I will never go so far as to say it is the absolute choice for every family. That is not my place. I believe it is a decision for each family between them and God, and I am answering to Him for my family, not any other family.



Lately, I have been thinking about our children’s childhood, and now that I have two teenagers, with another on the horizon, I am in awe most days of the drastic difference between their teenage years and my own. I had an extremely volatile teenage life. There was drama, dysfunction, rebellion, and everything in between. It lasted into the college years when it really peaked at its worse. 

Then, I met Jesus.

My hardships were nothing my parents did or did not do. They did their best.The only remedy to my chaos was Jesus.

So as I watch my children grow and I realize how stable, how functional, and how undramatic their life is, I just keep praising God. I see how much they enjoy being together. We all do. Our family is so close. They have great relationships with their friends and with others. They are hard workers and helpful and serve. And it has nothing to do with me. It is all His work in their lives.

They love Jesus. They are walking with Him, and growing. 


Yet, I stop short of saying homeschooling has been the answer. 

Because in the end, Jesus is the answer.

Disciping our children, with homeschooling as a part of that, has really been what has kept them on a mostly straight path. Teaching them His Word, and trying to live it out as exmples (even if we fail at times) is key. There is no better teacher than example. Surrounding them with other families who are on the same path has been essential. Keeping Jesus at the center of everything has been our life.

And when we fail….we mess up. But even then, there are lessons for grace, when you keep Jesus at the center of it all.

Homeschooling is just a part of discipling our family. I believe our family closeness has been a result of our homeschooling for sure –spending so much time together, working together daily in school and in life, has really knit us tightly together. 


And I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

But homeschooling is not the means to the end. It is just a part of what we are doing to make disciples.







Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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