What We’ve Been Up to So Far This Homeschool Year

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We got off to a great start this year, yet as the weeks have progressed, some things have been taking ay attention away. I am determined to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord though, and His plans for us each day, each month, and each year. He is the One in charge of our homeschool, and not me. I may make plans, but He may also change them.


So far we have been studying Acts and have almost read through the whole book. Once we get to the end, we are going to go back to the beginning, and do some more in depth study. This time the children will read it aloud to me, and we will do some more in depth map work. We will also memorize various sections, and continue with copying the book of Acts. (I admit, I have fallen behind my children in this..just keepin’ it real)


We also continue to use Mystery of History and really love it. It’s a perfect fit for us. We read the lessons and choose which activities we want to do or have time to do. The children are each keeping a history binder to go with it.


My oldest is using IEW and we LOVE it. So much. I have a review you can read by clicking below:


We are still using Middlebury Interactive for French and that continues to go well.

My oldest is also using Apologia Physical Science, and although not her favorite subject, we are as always, happy with Apologia!

All of my children (except kindergartner) are using Math U See.  (Pray for me…Pre Algebra is no joke! 😉

The younger boys are using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics and Chemistry. My boys are also on a Robotics team this year, so many days that is science. My 11 year old spends hours upon hours programming the robot. I love his mind and his focus…even if I don’t always “get” robotics. 😉

The youngest two boys are using Explode the Code.  (one is on level 4.5 and the youngest is on level 1)My kindergartner started reading three letter words and some short sentences for the first time. I experienced such JOY at seeing him do that!


Everyone is reading assigned books during reading time. We haven’t had as much time for read alouds together as I have liked, and I am hoping to change that when things settle down…although they never seem to settle much, so perhaps I need to just find more time!

We also participate in a fine arts program ALL day once a week. It is a long day but my children are able to take cello, guitar, choir, art, dance, band, computer animation, etc. It is worth being out all day, and they love it. We also are involved in a public speaking group, robotics, and my husband teaches photography.

Life is good. Homeschool is good. We are blessed.

Is it always smooth sailing? No way.

Yet, the Lord is teaching us everyday about so many things beyond academics, and for that I am grateful.


A few exciting announcements!

The Simply Living for Him Podcast (named after my other blog) is live at iTunes. You can subscribe here. I will be recording a new episode this week.


A HUGE announcement from Teach Them Diligently:

Dr. James Dobson will be the keynote in Nashville! Head over and get all of the info here: Space is limited, so register early! (I will also be speaking in Nashville, as well as Atlanta and Sandusky, OH.) Click below:

Dr. James Dobson to speak in Nashville, TN March 19-21, 2015.

I am still working on getting Called Home into paperback. Right now Simply Homeschool is available for Kindle or Paperback:








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