A Heartfelt Thank You: From Out of Work, to Work-at-Home Family

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Well, this blog is officially three years old. It was New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day in 2012-2013 when my hubby and I stayed up until 3 am getting this website together. I still remember it so clearly. We sat on my bed, designing and working out the kinks. It was exciting but it was also a most  difficult time for us. He had been laid off from his job in October and we were unsure of what the future held. His paychecks and health insurance were due to stop the first week of January. We were hanging on by a thread.



It was such an unsettling time, yet one of amazing growth in our family as we saw God work in ways we never dreamed possible. We held onto Him so tight during each day of uncertainty. There were job interviews and prospects, but every day was a waiting game. The future was unknown. Yet all along we knew that God would be working something new and there was excitement in that.

When I decided to create this blog it was during that uncertain time. I had already been writing at Simply Living for Him but felt the need for a separate blog. You see, Simply Living for Him was all a God thing too. I had started blogging way back in 2009 as a journal- a way to share with family what we were doing in our homeschool. I thought it would help my parents especially see what we were doing since at that time it was still uncomfortable for me to speak with them about homeschooling because they were not at all for it. It broke the ice, and boy, I can’t even believe because of that little online journal, all of the opportunities and places God has taken our family. 



Anyway, when I first started blogging I really thought it was just like an online journal. I had no idea people were making careers out of blogging or even making any money. As I got more involved in blogging, though, I saw that there was an opportunity for income through advertising. Yet, it never felt right at Simply Living for Him. How could I put a price on words and my heart? I felt like if I allowed advertising, then it might change the whole purpose of the blog, which was really to share my heart and encourage others who were walking the same journey as I was.

I didn’t ever want one word to be skewed by the prospect of money or driving traffic to my site. So I wrestled for awhile with the idea, because I was being approached for advertising opportunities at Simply Living for Him. My husband was out of work and we needed any income we could get so I wondered if God wanted me to use Simply Living for Him to provide some income for my family?

In the end, I decided no, I could not do it. I wanted every word at Simply Living for Him to be authentic and true and never worry about the traffic. I knew God would bring those who He wanted there, even if it was one person. I did, however, think that perhaps another completely separate site, where I made the intentions known from the beginning and one that  would generate income might be the answer. So I prayed on that and Bible Based Homeschooling was born.

At that time, we had also been using the Bible as our main textbook, which many readers were interested in. I realized that I could share about that and post resources that were helpful for a Bible-based homeschool. From the beginning, I would be upfront that this site would accept advertising and would generate income.

Three years later, I am blown away by what God has done. He took a mom and her love for writing and birthed it into a ministry and a career. I now write at both sites, have authored books, write for magazines, and my very favorite part–I speak at events. We’ve traveled as a family to do what I love.






And those parents who were against homeschooling, so I started our little online journal? They taveled with me this year to hear me speak! Truly something I never dreamed possible! God has blown me away!


I give Him every single ounce of glory for all this. I could never have dreamed this life up in my head, yet He had plans all along.

And, as for my husband, he eventually decided to start his own business in March of that year, and here we are three years later, living the dream of a work-at-home family. God is so good.




And to be very clear- I don’t consider myself a “professional blogger” in any sense. I am not at all about numbers and sales. There are people who are very good at that and I am not one of them. I have used this site to help me keep my ministry going over at Simply Living for Him which is my first love- writing and speaking. And though God blesses our family through income and I am grateful, I just will never be a “pro-blogger” at heart.


So, I want to thank you all dear readers, for reading, for sharing, for all of your support. I cherish both of sites and am grateful God has used my books, speaking, and this site to provide for our family. I promise to keep all of this full of integrity and pray that every decision I make is God honoring.
I have asked a team of friends to hold me accountable in my writing and wherever else God leads this year. I would ask that all of you do the same. Never hesitate to write me if anything I have posted doesn’t honor God or line up with my mission here. I am just a flawed human in the end, and always need to be pointed back to Him. I am not immune to making mistakes, but will do all I can to correct them.

Happy New Year my dear friends from my family to yours. I love you all and look forward to what 2016 holds. 




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Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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