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Looking for a Bible-based Christmas resource?

I have just the thing for you! Recently I was given the Birth Of Jesus from Grapevine Studies for the purpose of review. I was really excited since we have been studying Jesus’ life in Matthew, and of course the Christmas season is upon us. I wanted to review this because I thought it would definitely be something my readers would enjoy and benefit from this season.

Grapevine Studies is unique in that it uses “stick figures” to instill the lessons. As I taught the lesson and read the verses from the Teacher book, I drew the stick figures on our white board. Then the children had their own pages to draw the appropriate stick figures. They enjoyed this type of “note taking.”

The Teacher notes were so easily laid out and provided helpful instructions with exact pictures of what to draw. I loved that. It was very simple to teach the lessons.

A great resource for all ages.

I think that stick figuring is a great way to help remember the lessons. It is like “note taking” but in pictures. My children thought it was really fun. I found it very engaging for all, especially my “hard-to-sit-still-and-listen” child 😉

The lessons were thorough and were suitable for all ages. Even my ltittlest guy was over in the corner “stick figuring” even though he wasn’t officially doing the lesson with us. 🙂

From the site:

Stick Figuring: Stick Figuring is an ancient method of teaching which continues to be effective even in the 21st century. Grapevine Studies creatively integrates stick figures, timelines, words, symbols, and colors to teach the Bible. This unique Bible study will stimulate your student’s imagination and engage their intellect as they see how the Bible fits together!

Get your own Birth of Jesus ebook!

Grapevine Studies has generously given a coupon code for my readers. You can also enter to win your very own Birth of Jesus Teacher and Student ebook (your choice of Beginner or Multi-Level)

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