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Our Adventure Reading Through the Entire Bible as aFamily


Sometimes it is difficult to write. Time is lacking, circumstances around me are swirling, or I just don’t have the words. All of these hold true for me lately. Life has been a whirlwind. Tragedy has struck around me, in many different places. Life is hard. Words are few.

“Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.

Job 13:15

However, through it all, we have been in the book of Job. God is so good. He knew exactly where we would need to be in our Bible reading and he had us in Job at this time when we would need to wisdom of this book more than ever.

I am so grateful to be reading through the Bible with my family. I never had a time schedule on how much we should read each day, but I am fully confident that God knows exactly where we needed to be and at this time and I am grateful we are on His schedule that He planned for us. Job is the exact place we needed to be at this point in time.

We finished the book last night and I must say, I am looking forward to beginning Psalms and reading through some of those very healing and soothing words. But Job…so much needed at this difficult time.

We were reminded ultimately that we will suffer. No one is immune in this world from hardship, calamity, or suffering. And most of all we were reminded that God is sovereign. His plans are perfect. He knows abundantly more than we do, and we are not to question His ways. What I learned most from Job is that knowing God is more important than knowing everything. And the comfort of knowing He is in control no matter what is priceless.

I also know that out of the whirlwind, He will answer. Just when life is more unbearable than we think we can handle, He is there.

Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said…”

Job 38:1

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