PODCASTGRAPHICEpisode #2 How a Job Loss Changed Our Life

In October 2012, my husband was laid off for the third time in our marriage, and this time we said, “Enough.” We knew it was time to submit our family’s employment to God. My husband began his own business, and we became a full time “work-at-home- family.” It is a privilege to work alongside him each day, as I am able to homeschool and work with my writing and speaking ministries, while he fulfills his passion for graphic design. All the while, with our eyes focused on God, He is providing each step of the way. We have fully committed our family business endeavors to Him, and are blessed to live this unique family lifestyle. Join Karen and her husband Steve, owner of Farmhaus Studios to hear the trials and joys of  trusting God in the midst of beginning a family business.

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