Finding Freedom From Clutter- Podcast Episode #10

Finding Freedom From Clutter

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I recently wrote about living a clutter-free life and that post really hit home with so many people. Tonight, I sat down to discuss this issue, and really get to the heart.

For years now I have been simplifying and living a more clutter-free life, and last year it all really came to a head when we moved to a new home. We took only what was necessary, and I have found so much freedom in having less stuff. It was a fresh start.

The irony of our society is that we have so much stuff, and continue to seek more, yet we are finding people more and more stressed, busy, and dissatisfied. Why is that?

Our joy comes from so much more than stuff and externals do not define us. Jesus does. Even if you aren’t moving to a new home, you can still choose to start fresh and lessen the amount of clutter in your life.

Face it, more stuff means more stuff to manage and it often brings more stress. 

Do you want more peace? More joy? Freedom to live life without being weighed down by stuff?

Join me as we discuss finding freedom from clutter!

Join me this summer for a weekend getaway to learn more about simplifying and living purposefully with joy and peace!






Join the Movement– Share with your friends, build community, and live #real.

#Real Homeschool

Share in your community what a real homeschool looks like. Let’s build a community, together, and be real.


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Podcast Episode #9 What is a Real Homeschool?

In honor of my new book being released Monday, August 3rd (squeal!! 🙂 ) I have recorded a new podcast episode explaining a little bit about the book.

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram Ideal Homeschool

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What is Real Homeschool? Podcast Episode #9

This book is not really about social media per se, but more about our hearts in a world that continues to push us to be more like it. Everywhere we turn, social media is screaming at us and showing us pictures of what we should be. Slowly, gradually, we start following the world and trying to bring God with us, rather than letting God lead us and then bringing the world with us!

They are the desires that creep in and take my focus off of my true purpose in homeschooling. You know what I mean— when the focus becomes all about finding the best curriculum or filling up the schedule with the most extracurricular activities? Or how about decorating the perfect homeschool room? Or the hours spent online searching what others are doing, while neglecting your own time with the Lord? These are all things that have become an issue with me, and I am sure with others, especially as social media grows.

I have often thought about those early homeschoolers who had no Internet or fancy curriculum but truly sought the Lord in their decision to homeschool. I admire them so much! They weren’t busy showing off their schoolrooms or their kids on Instagram; they were deep in the nitty-gritty of daily homeschool life when homeschooling wasn’t even mainstream. They weren’t spending hours on Pinterest, but probably hours in the Word.

This book will challenge us to get back to the basics and fully rely on God. We need to stop living up to an Internet ideal and live only for God’s ideals. This book isn’t at all a book against social media (after all, I work in social media), but more about our hearts and what we do with social media. Pinterest and Instagram and all the other media out there are certainly not bad in and of themselves, but we do need to be aware of our hearts when using them. We must not let those things rule our standards. Only God should rule us.

Will you join me as we get back to the basics? Will you join me as we endeavor to be real with each other because we need each other? Will you join me as we focus on what God wants for our homeschools and not what the world says is success?
Will you join me as we pursue Real Homeschool? Not a picture-perfect homeschool, but a real homeschool –where the rubber meets the road and it sometimes gets messy –and we work together through those messes…

And then it gets beautiful…oh, so beautiful…because God is right there with us. He is working through our families on this real homeschooling journey.

God has called us to this beautiful journey…and the perfect picture is the one where He is leading every step, guiding us, and our eyes are fixed solely on Him.

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool

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Simple Organization- Getting to the Heart Podcast Episode #8

Simple Organization

Simple Organization podcast

Are you constantly feeling disorganized? Are you always looking for a new planner or system to help keep your home running more efficiently? Are you wanting that perfect looking home where everything matches and is Pinterest perfect? 

For years, I was always trying to control disorder in my home, by thinking I needed to have the next best method of organization…whether it was a new planner, homeschool curriculum, chore system, meal plan, or discipline method…I was always searching for the answer to disorder. And while those things are certainly good in and of themselves, when I looked deeper I realized  they were not only making my life MORE complicated, I was also searching for order and peace in all the wrong places. So I stopped chasing the Instagram ideal home, and found my true satisfaction comes from the simple things.

Join me for this discussion on going back to the basics. Let’s not get distracted with how things look on the outside, but  let’s focus on the inside.

This is by no means a condemnation of organization or certain methodsit is merely a look at how we may be more efficient if we keep it simple and our eyes on our true goals. 🙂

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Podcast Episode #7: An Unlikely Homeschooler

An Unlikely Homeschooler: How Following God Changed Me Forever

An Unlikely


Almost ten years ago, God called me to the journey of homeschooling, and I went kicking and screaming! I ran from God at first, but I knew deep down that God was calling me to this journey, so I answered the call. I never thought I would homeschool, nor did I feel equipped. With family opposition, my own pride and insecurities, the odds were stacked against me…but GOD prevailed! I sought out on this journey for “just one year.” Now, I haven’t looked back, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Whether God is calling you to homeschool or something else, this podcast will encourage you to step out in faith, whether you are comfortable or not…becauseGod will equip you for whatever He calls you to. It will be life changing.



Podcast Episode 6: Simple Christmas


This is the season where we are celebrating Jesus- and that should bring us such JOY. Yet the very things we are celebrating get lost in the worlds’ message of busyness and materialism, and we find ourselves complaining, stressed, and overwhelmed. That is NOT what God wants us to feel at Christmas. We should be rejoicing all season long- our Savior is coming!

The message of Christmas is by no means simple, it is extraordinary- that God came down as a baby, to live and ultimately die for our sins. Yet, we become so distracted by the busyness, materialism, and consumerism at this time that we lose focus. Let’s simplify this season by focusing on having less “stuff,” and doing more real things. Let’s connect with others, connect with God…and ultimately share the greatest gift of all. Share Jesus.

Episode 5: Meet Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia

Homeschooling with Dyslexia

Homeschooling With Dyslexia

This episode is something that I am so thrilled to share with you. I know this will bless many out there in the homeschooling community. Join me as I talk with Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia as we talk about how to recognize learning differences early on, how to deal with them when homeschooling, and more. Marianne has a vast amount of experience as she has homeschooled seven of her eight children while dealing with dyslexia. She is an amazing mom, who is embracing their learning differences. She is a wealth of information on this topic, and what a blessing to chat with her.













Podcast Episode 4

Podcast Episode #4: Simple Schedules

Are you struggling with how to have the “perfect” schedule in your homeschool? Are you struggling with keeping on track? Is your homeschool full of disorder or chaos, because there is no schedule?
Have no fear. Listen in as Karen discusses how scheduling has changed in her homeschool and how God uses schedules for a purpose!



Simple Homeschool Schedules


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You all know I love to write, but even more I love to chat! In real life! That is why I love doing conferences and speaking. So join me as I I will be uploading new topics to my Podcast…all from my heart…to encourage you whether it be in homeschooling, home life, simplifying, or family stuff…

PODCASTGRAPHICEpisode #1 Simplifying Back to (Home)School

It’s that time of year…time to break out the fresh new planner, the blank lesson plans, and the newly sharpened pencils! Oh, the joy of a fresh start! This is the year it will be different…this is the year we will get it right!

Then, we get overwhelmed and distracted and quickly the joy is lost. Are you planning your new year? Are you wanting this to be the year where you finally get it right?

Well, guess what homeschool mama? Each year is new and full of challenges and that is where God grows us. Discover the joy in your homeschool when you keep focus on God and what He wants to do in your homeschool!



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Episode #3 Leslie Nunnery founder of Teach them Diligently

I am so thrilled to be able to introduce to you today, Mrs. Leslie Nunnery, founder of Teach Them Diligently. She and her husband, David began Teach Them Diligently back in 2011, and many have been blessed by their endeavors since.

Today I wanted to share with you the heart behind Teach Them Diligently, so you can get to know more about who they are and the great work God is doing through them.

You will be blessed to hear more about this FAMILY event!

Teach Them Diligently is distinctive from many other homeschool conventions because the foundation will be discipleship, parenting, and missions. Academics and how-to workshops on homeschooling will be important, as will legal discussions regarding homeschooling. But, discipleship will be the foundation, and we believe that it is the foundation for what so many Christian parents do every day as they educate their children. Another distinction is that all profits from the Teach Them Diligently Convention will go directly into mission endeavors.

Listen here: