Teaching Kids Through Missions by Trisha Goddard

The following is a guest post by missionary Trish Goddard. Thank you Trisha for this amazing post to teach our families about missions!

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The first time that I remembering hearing about missions was when I was five years old when my parents decided to sell their construction business to begin Bible and missionary training. I was entering first grade when we moved from Michigan to Wisconsin. During the next two years, I had the tremendous blessing of attending a Christian school, where all the teachers were missionaries, who had already served in a foreign country.


I remember hearing stories about tribal people, who had never heard the Gospel as well as seeing different pictures from the countries where these missionaries had served. During this year, my child’s heart was set on one specific profession – I would be a missionary. My favorite verses became Romans 10:14-15 – How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have
not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”


During my teen years, my desire and passion for missions increased, and I went on three short-term missions trips to Bolivia, Papua New Guinea, and Mongolia. I also began financially supporting a missionary family in Papua New Guinea for $20 a month. Even though I could not be a missionary full-time overseas, I wanted to be a part of what God was doing.


Throughout my growing up years, I was impacted by my parents, who gave up a thriving construction business; my teachers, who had been missionaries and shared with me their love for the tribal people; and organizations that continually told about the need for more missionaries to remote locations. I am convinced that children can be challenged about missions, and I want to share with you 8 practical ways that you can teach your kids through missions:

1.) Cultivate an interest by using mission-related resources. There are some awesome resources that promote missions, and here are some of my family’s favorite resources:


Trailblazer books

Brinkman Adventures

The Wild Brothers

Kids of Courage

Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Itec {Steve Saint}


2.) Spend time with missionaries. You can have missionaries in your home for a meal or a game night or invite them to go with you on an outing.

3.) Attend and participate in missions conferences. Through these, you can learn about what God is doing around the world, get to know missionaries and ministries, and find out how you and your family can be a part.

4.) Pray for a missionary, a ministry, or a specific ethnic group. Find out the specific prayer requests, and pray together and individually. Prayer makes a difference!

5.) Support financially a missionary, project, or ministry. I suggest that as a family you begin supporting a missionary, project, or ministry, and you can also encourage your children to support individually as well.

6.) Adopt a missionary family or a project. Adopting a missionary family or project means finding out about the family or project and investing your time, energy, and money.

7.) Travel on a short term missionary trip. You can go to another town, another state, or another country. The key is to get your family out of their comfort zone, be learners as you go, and serve others.

8.) Serve today as a family. Find out what ministries and outreaches are in your area, and get involved by serving in one today!

These are 8 practical ways to teach your kids through missions, and I can give testimony that these will impact not only your child, but you as well! As for me, I decided at the age of six to be a missionary, and now, twenty-six years later, my husband and I as well as our three children serve as missionaries here in Paraguay, South America. We have implemented these 8 practical ways throughout the years, and our children have been impacted to reach the world for Christ, as well as actively look for more ways to be involved in missions. Will you join me as we raise this generation and teach your kids through missions?


 Trisha is a born again believer, created and called to express her faith through love by serving her family and women in ministry. She is married to Mike, and they have three children: Michael, Lea, and Kaleb. They live in Paraguay, where they have served in ministry since 2004. In her free time, Trisha enjoys reading and traveling with her family.


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Daily Bible Reading Activity for the Whole Family


Family Bible Activity

Recently my husband started a new daily Bible reading activity for all of us.

Every morning, we each get our slip of paper that he prepares ahead of time with the verse for the day and a task for each of us.


The task can involve different things, like this example. My daughter loves photography, so he incorporated that into her verse.


This is for the younger ones:

IMG_6110 IMG_6109

He expresses to the children in the morning, that he may or may not ask them about the task, but the important thing is to be prepared.

We are really enjoying this new activity each day. We are getting in the Word even more and learning to apply it in different ways. I am thankful for a husband who is leading our family spiritually.








Our Bible Based Homeschool Plans 2014-2015

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Planning your homeschool year?


I am in full swing of planning our new year. As always, I tweak this every year depending on where we are at…each stage of life is different! This is the first year I will “officially” be homeschooling all four of my children, as I now have an “official” kindergartner! I also have an 8th grader, which means we have an eye on the next few years…

Here is what we have so far:


Bible: Our study will consist of Acts and Romans. We will tie this into our history studies as well. We will go through the book of Acts and read commentaries, listen to sermons, etc. as we go.

I am also planning on having the older kids write out a book of the Bible at a time into a notebook. We will probably start with Acts since that is what we are studying.

History: Mystery of History Volume 2: The Early Church and Middle Ages. I am SO SO very excited about this. I have been reading through it and it looks fantastic. It looks so perfect for our family. The activities are right up our alley. I can not wait to start! 🙂


Geography: We will study the geography of the lands that we are reading about in Acts and Mystery of History, but I also want to once a week review countries, continents, oceans, and states and capitals with my olders, and start teaching them to the kindergartner. I don’t have anything formal for this, except books, maps, etc.

Science: Apologia. The younger children will be finishing Exploring Creation with Physics and Chemistry. We started last year and took a slow pace. The kindergartner will listen in, and he will also explore his world outdoors- science will be informal for him.


My 8th grader will do Apologia’s Physical Science for middle school.


Foreign Language: my 8th grader will be using Middlebury Interactive Foreign Language Program online. I will be sharing a review in September, so be sure to watch for it 🙂

Language Arts: IEW for the 8th grader- another review coming on this in the fall 🙂 My younger boys will be doing Language Lessons from Queen Homeschool.


The kindergartner will be doing Explode the Code and learning to read.


Penmanship and SpellingPrint to Cursive Proverbs Copywork from Simply Charlotte Mason for my 4th and 6th grader. They will also continue with Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason.



Math: Math U See for all. (Alpha, Delta, Zeta, and Algebra)


Logic: The Fallacy Detective for 8th grader and 6th grader


Literature: Family Read Alouds and Individual Reading: various, I am working on book lists.

Robotics team- 4th and 6th grader

Photography class – 8th grader

Public Speaking with Institute For Cultural Communicators (all)

Fine Arts- Lots of music, dance, drama, and computer art classes at a local fine arts program for all grades.


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