Why a Bible Based Homeschool?


Here are my top reasons for choosing to use a Bible-based homeschooling method:

A family that prays together stays together. Learning the Bible together as a family has been a blessing beyond compare. Digging into the Word together each day has bonded us in unexpected ways and led us into conversations that were so deep and meaningful. It has strengthened our family bond. It also helps us to deal in a biblical and prayerful way when things are NOT going so smoothly. We can apply what we have learned to our daily life.


It is OUR job to disciple our children. With so many children’s programs abound at churches and outside activities these days, it is easy to give over the responsibility to another person to teach your child God’s Word. And while I certainly think it is OK for my child to learn from others, I am still my child’s first teacher as commanded by God. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9.) As a parent, I must take the responsibility of discipling my children seriously. A Bible-based homeschool enables me to do so.

God is the author of this world, and what better way to learn about it than to start with His Word? History and science are a part of His creation. What better way to learn about them to start right there in His Word.


His Word is the only curriculum I know out there that offers a 100% guarantee that it WILL produce fruit. His Word never returns void, and always accomplishes His purposes. I don’t know any other book out there that can make such a promise. As it says in Isaiah 55:10-11

As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

What a beautiful thought? As the rain can only make the earth bud and flourish, so does His Word provide for us. 



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Ten Things Every Homeschooler Should Know (Part4)- Letting God Lead


Here is the next part in my series Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know from my blog Simply Living…for Him.

God is ultimately the one leading us each day. We must submit to His plans. We can do anything through His power. If He wants us here, He will supply the energy, the patience, the organization…all of it.



There is also a free download available

31 days

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Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know


Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know (Part 3)


Join me over at Simply Living…for Him to read Part 3 of Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know.

Today I am talking about simplifying…

Seek Him first. It is and will always be the right thing to do first. 
So remember to keep it simple. You do not need every piece of curriculum out there. Read alouds, hands on fun, field trips, real life learning are more beneficial than piles and piles of stuff. Most important thing in your homeschool- a BIBLE.

Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know (Part 2)


I’ve had some really great feedback from my series, Ten Things Every New Homeschooler Should Know over at Simply Living…for Him.

This time I am talking about the comparison trap and how your homeschool is not supposed to look like anyone else’s. 

Ah, the comparison trap. It is one of the ugly side effects of homeschooling that comes from not keeping our eyes on God. When we take our eyes off of His plans for us, and look at what everyone else around us is doing, we start to compare, covet, and foster discontentment. We forget that God called us to homeschool for a unique purpose for our own family. It leads us to feel like a failure.
We must remember not to live for the expectation,  but instead to live in the moment. So often we are so fixed on the picture in our mind of what homeschooling is “supposed to be like” we aren’t living in the moment of what it is right now. We are always thinking it will be better when…or if only…instead of focusing on the present.

Head over to Simply Living…for Him to read the rest!

Using the Bible as Our Main Text: Our One Year “Experiment”


As I wrap up this school year, I can look back only in awe of what God has done. Over last summer I had a nudging in my heart to use the Bible as our main textbook. What started out as an “experiment” for just a few months, turned into the most fruitful year we have had.

This year we covered the book of Genesis and got part of the way into Exodus. I have been looking back quite fondly over all that we learned. I can clearly see God’s hand in it all. He truly was the Master Teacher.

Every thing we learned in the Bible was so perfect for all that was going on in our lives at the time. It was a very difficult year, and God truly knew we would need His Word more than ever this year. I believe that is one of the many reasons I was drawn to using the Bible as our main text.

Anyone who knows my philosophy on homeschooling, knows that my goal is to seek God first and trust the academics to follow. So using the Bible as our main text, was surely a way to do that. We used the Bible to study every subject from History, to Science to spelling and writing. (Math was still separate.) We didn’t break up our learning into “blocks” for each subject- we just naturally learned so much of each subject as we went along. Some weeks were intensive in science (the Flood for example) and some weeks were focused on History, but in the end we learned so much. It made me realize that we do not have to break up subjects into blocks of time, but just let them be learnt naturally.

This was by far our best year, yet it was work intensive for me. I had to research everything and plan assignments ahead. That was definitely the hardest for me. (I am not good at planning ahead! 😉 I like to “wing it” sometimes) From September to December was all planned out last summer, but once December came and I knew we wanted to continue with the Bible as our main text, then I had to get to planning again. I would say that was the hardest part. Each week choosing our spelling words (a list for each child), planning preschool activities to go along with it, and to pick writing assignments, etc. was the most work. I also spent time researching supplements to our Bible time- articles, videos, books, etc.

I am praying over how to proceed for next year. I Will have a 7th grader, down to a Prek/k and I know their needs are chagning. I am hoping to at least keep Bible time together and then figure out how we can study the same time period together, yet the different ages will have different assignments, etc. I also will be using separate science curriculum for them for the first time. The 7th grader will have a separate curriculum from her brothers for the first time.

So lots of changes for next year, but also very exciting to know, full well, that as I have seen this year, when I sought Him first, he provided for every need. When I take my eyes off of Him, I sink. So our first few weeks of summer break, I will commit to prayer and seeking His Will before I make any decisions about next year. Getting as close to Him as possible, makes it easier to hear His voice and know where He is leading..

This year was such an amazing year in so many ways- while our worst year circumstantially and emotionally for our family- God truly did work all things for good. Praise Him!

*I will be writing an eBook this summer- Bible Based Homeschooling: One Family’s Journey with Using the Bible as Their Main Textbook for One Year. It will be all about what we did, how we did it, and lots of sample ideas. So keep an eye out!

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Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter and More Joy in Your Homeschool

Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool
If you are thinking of using the Bible as the foundation in your homeschool, I would highly recommend Ruth Beechick’s A Biblical Home Education. I will be re-reading it these next few weeks to help me focus again.

The Gift of Homeschool


Amen? My heart is for homeschooling. I have seen the fruits, and know there are more to come if I keep my eye on the prize. So many days are hard and that can distract from the goal…but know that if you follow God’s calling, you will produce fruit in due time.

So many people think homeschooling is just about sheltering from the world. While it is my duty to protect my child and shelter them from many evils, that is not where it stops. The fruits of homeschooling are great.

A Bible based homeschool can not help but see a good harvest. God’s Word is transforming. Studying it together as a family this year has been powerful. I am so glad we decided to “experiment” with our school this way. God’s Word as the foundation has given us so much- we learn together as a family, our bonds with each other are stronger, and we are FREE to learn the way God intended for our family.

Homeschoolers give their children something- it is not stifling as society see it, but a gift- a gift filled with opportunities, but most of all a gift of building a foundation on the Lord, as the Center of it all.

How has a Bible based homeschool transformed your family? Do you see the gifts? Share in the comments below!


Do you have JOY in your homeschool? Here is some encouragement for you!

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Taking the “School” Out of Homeschool- Part 2


Yesterday I shared with you the first half of my recent presentation, “Taking the “School” Out of Homeschool” and how we celebrate the freedom that homeschooling allows academically. Today I want to focus on what I feel is the more important part of the equation. The discipleship. Without our children’s hearts, all the knowledge in the world means nothing.


Education at home is about so much more than academics. 

We are instilling character qualities in our children. 

We are pointing them to God in all that they do. 

We are answering a call to homeschool.


I am entering my eighth year of homeschool and what a testimony to obedience. When I registered my daughter that first year for kindergarten, I knew deep down she wasn’t supposed to be there. I knew deep down God wanted me to homeschool. Yet, I didn’t want to. I ran away kicking and screaming from Him! Yet, He pursued me and I eventually gave in….just for “one year.” 😉 {Did you say that too?}


Looking back I can not imagine if I had tried to keep suppressing those feelings. I have seen abundant blessings and fruit already from my obedience. Even though it was hard. Yet I must keep my eyes on Him and the harvest that is to come.



As homeschoolers these days it is so easy to get caught up in what very one else is doing and in the mindset of the ultimate in academics. God calls to us to raise our children His way, and I truly believe when we submit to Him, let Him lead us, and seek Him first above all we will be blessed. His plans for my children far exceed my own. My job is to trust Him- these children are ultimately His and not mine. He created them and He loves them even more than I do.





Can I really think that the God who created the universe will not give me the strength to homeschool and to to do it well? Of course He will! He called me here and He will not leave me here to fail. Yet, my job is to seek Him everyday. Being in the Word before anything else each day. Praying over my homeschool. Praying with my family. Seeking Him in all. We must put HIM before academics.


Teaching my children to love the Lord above all else is my duty. Homeschooling allows us to do that. This year we began using the Bible as our main text. Again, I felt that God wanted us to do it, and even though I felt ill-equipped. He isn’t. I knew that if we spent hours of our day studying His Word, we couldn’t help but be transformed. And we were. He taught us more than I ever imagined this year- academically, and most importantly spiritually.


Teaching our children about the Lord is our first and foremost job. If they know all the academic knowledge in the world, but don’t know Him, what does it matter? We must teach them His Word.




To read more about my journey with simplifying homeschool and letting God lead our homeschool, you can check out my eBooks!

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A Glimpse Into Our Week- The Garden Is Our Classroom!

Gardening and Homeschool. A perfect combination.

GardenasOur Classroom

This week we have begun the homestretch of our year! We are planning to take a summer break starting next month, even though we all know the learning never stops 😉

We are spending the rest of the year using our garden as our classroom! We have a vegetable garden that is planted mostly and ready to go. Here is how we are using the Bible as our text, and the garden as our classroom:

Each child has a garden journal.


Each day we observe the garden, note changes in the plants, and make some sketches. I have also had the children measure the perimeter and area of the garden and record that as well.  As we go through our lessons, they note anything in their journals that is important- words we go over, new ideas, etc.

We begin the morning reading a passage that I choose relating to seeds, flowers, growing, etc. So far we have read the fruits of the Spirit and copied it into our garden journals. We also talked about weeds and how the Garden of Eden was perfect before the fall. We discussed all the changes after the fall, and how man has to toil for his food.

Each child is responsible for watering the garden two days per week, and once the weeds start popping up they will do this as well.

We have had the blessing of having a bird’s nest in a low bush to observe each day


as well as already seeing some fruit from our labors! This red strawberry was a delight this week:


We talked about how God made the fruits for us and we also talked a great deal about nutrition from various fruits/vegetables.

We are also reading from Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Botany each day. It is a great supplement to our studies and Bible based. We just love it.

The kids are still doing their Math U See lessons and the younger ones do their Explode the Code workbooks each day as well.

Next week I am planning on assigning my daughter (6th grade) a report. The younger ones will also have a modified assignment. 

I love how our classroom has been brought right outdoors in His Creation. We listen to the birds, feel the warm sun on our faces, and have the beauty of His Creation all around us while we read- there is no better classroom!

IMG_2853 IMG_2852





A “Typical” Day in Our Bible Based Homeschool

A Glimpse Into Our Day

So many people write me and ask me to share my schedule. I hesitate to do so for a few reason:

  • 1. It is never “typical.” So many days are unpredictable or days that we are out of the house, I am not sure what our typical “schedule” even looks like these days 😉
  • 2. I don’t want anyone to follow what we are doing, but to choose for themselves what is best for each family.

That being said, I will share what a day at home if-we-have-nothing-else-on-our plate-looks-like-day, with the caveat that you please use it as a guide, but do not think by any means, it is the “right” way to schedule a day 🙂

This year has been full of ups and downs and in the beginning of the school year we did have a typical schedule that worked well. Then in October things changed a bit when my husband lost his job and our life was unsettled for awhile. After the new year we found ourselves busy, but burnt out. In February I was already hoping for June. Yet, I was reevaluating why things got hard, and much of it was out of my control. After all, isn’t that what homeschool’s job is – to prepare for life? So what better way to prepare my children for life, then being being immersed in it, seeing how Mommy and Daddy handle life’s challenges, and learning to keep your heads above water during a busy time.

Now that Spring has sprung we are getting outdoors more, will be gardening very soon, and our schedule will surely change. Yet, I am trying to keep a few days a week consistent where we are at home without any other commitments on our plate.

On those days here is what a typical day looks like:

We all wake around 7 am. The alarm goes off about 6 am,and I read God’s Word first before I do anything else. I must have Him be the first thought of my day. Then I pray, lay in bed awhile, and think. Everyone uses this early morning time to do the following:

  • Read Bible/pray
  • Make beds
  • Get dressed
  • Do assigned chores
  • Eat breakfast

At 9 am we gather at the dining room table and begin our Bile study. We are currently in Exodus. It has been an amazing year to study the Bile in depth and use it as our main text. Each week it was incredible to me how the lessons learned completely paralleled what was going on in our life. I know God had us study these lessons at this exact time in our life for a purpose.

We read the passage for the week together, and each child follows along in their Bible. Each child has a list of Spelling words that I enter into SpellingCity each week. When they come across one of their words, they are to spell it. My oldest also has to define hers. We take turns reading some days for read aloud practice as well. I usually gather several resources based on the Bible passage we are studying. We discuss the passage, use the resources and dig in deep. Sometimes we watch videos, read articles, listen to sermons, etc. as well. We also may work on maps based on the passage, look at a history resource, or a science resource. During Creation and The Flood we used many science resources. During the end of Genesis and Exodus we are now using lots of Ancient Egypt resources. For instance, today we watched a movie about the Search for Mt. Sinai. What I find is we no longer separate times of learning “science,” “history,” “geography,” etc. but we just naturally learn these things as we dig into our passages. One week may be heavy in science and one week may be heavy in history.


This Bible time usually takes us about two hours. Then we take a break and the children have their individual work. (Math, Reading, Language Arts. etc) to do. They work on these things independently and I am available for help. We also may read aloud some literature or a missionary biography. 

In the afternoon after all the individual work is done, the kids are free to explore their interests. My son loves taking broken electronics apart and figuring out what is wrong, then putting them back together. Legos are always a hit, as is computer art. Many of the “extras’ take place in the afternoon. Of course on nice days, we are outside exploring nature and when the neighborhood children get home from school, there are always backyard play dates.


So there is a typical day in our homeschool! I’d love to hear what your day is like in the comments below!


Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool  Available for PDF download or Kindle at Amazon. com just $0.99!