Patriotic Copywork from Classical Copywork

Classical Copywork has Patriotic Copywork for download for just  $2!

In this copywork pack you will find The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, The Preamble to the Constitution, God Bless America, The Mayflower Compact,and the beginning of the Declaration of Independance. Each page is typed clearly for your beginning reader/writer to easily follow and has ruled lines directly underneath to easily copy.

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Bible Based Copywork

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Looking for Bible based copywork for the new school year?

Check out Intoxicated on Life!

They have manuscript and cursive available at reasonable prices! There are several books available- head over and check it out!










Genesis Copywork

Looking for Bible based copywork?


Classical Copywork has this Genesis copywork available!

Each of these copywork pages is a verse from a chapter in the book of Genesis (ESV Bible). There is one verse for each chapter, a total of 50 pages of copywork. This copywork is designed for a beginning writer. The lines are about 5/8th inch tall with a mid-line to help your child position their letters correctly.

These pages would work perfectly as an accompaniment to your ancient history studies. They would also be great to take to church if you will be hearing preaching from the book of Genesis. Children who are not old enough to take their own notes can copy a verse from the chapter they are hearing about. Lastly, they would also be great just as handwriting practice for any child who needs it!

sample page 2 Genesis Beginner Cursive Copywork - sample page






Understanding Copywork eBook from Classical Copywork

We enjoy copywork very much in our homeschool. Have you checked out Classical Copywork? There are lots of very budget friendly resources that are Bible based.

Right now you can get the eBook, Understanding Copywork for just $2 PLUS 25% off your total order. It will help you understand more about copywork and why it can be effective.

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