Bible Based Homeschooling at Christmas

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*This is a repost from 2013

Now that we have taken a break from studying Genesis, we are taking all of December to study Jesus. We are learning about the prophecies fulfilled int he Bible and Jesus’ birth.

I am compiling a list of resources that we have been using. We have been reading the Bible every morning…the Christmas story in Luke on most days, and adding in Old Testament verses dealing with the prophecies.

So far we have focused on Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, and Hosea 11:1. 

We also are worshipping together each morning by singing Christmas hymns.  A beautiful way to start the day.

I am still using spelling words from our scriptures. Each child has a list on Spelling City. Every Friday they are tested on their words.

Our history is all based on biblical history right now. For science, we plan on watching The Star of Bethlehem video and learning about the science behind the actual star of Bethlehem.

We are also using these video to really understand the science and mathematical probability that Jesus fulfilled all of the prophecies in the Old Testament:

Jesus Christ historically fulfilled over 300 prophecies accidentally

300 Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled

The Messiah Prophecy Fulfilled

Unbelievable. Do you know the probability that He coincidentally fulfilled just 17  of the prophecies is

480,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or one chance in 480 billion x 1 billion x 1 trillion? And there are over 300 prohecies! Fascinating stuff.

I just would also like to add…keep looking for everyday life lessons. It is so important to make learning more than anything in a text book, but real and applicable to life. My daughter was making cookies the other day, and it was delightful when she squealed from the kitchen, “Oh fractions make sense now!” She was using the measuring cup and she had to adjust some of them because we didn’t have all the cups necessary. For example, she needed 3/4 cup and I didn’t have that one, so she took 1/2 and 1/4.  She said when she saw it in real life it made more sense. Real life learning. The only time where it really sticks. 

 Here is a list of some things we have used so far. I will be posting more about this through December.


Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus

Christ’s First Coming: Prophecy

Jesus’ Birth in Bethlehem

Life of Christ/ Birth of Jesus

Blue Letter Bible Commentary, Luke

John Macarthur Sermon-Prophecy of Jesus

Nativity printables- prek

Pre K Letter “J” for Jesus

Answers in Genesis, Christmas Star

Answers in Genesis- The Christmas Town video

The Star of Bethlehem Video

The Nativity Story movie






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