Apologia Biology Dissection Day: Crayfish

Apologia Science

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We had our second dissection day for my 9th grader’s Apologia Biology lab. Once again, Apologia doesn’t disappoint. The labs are thorough and my daughter really is learning so much. She also isn’t nearly as squeamish as I thought she’d be. I think because it is just so interesting to see all of the different details of God’s amazing creation.

I love Apologia because, throughout the text, it always points back to our Creator. You can’t look at the way He created these creatures, so intricately, so detailed, and so purposefully, and deny that we serve an awesome Creator.

We also had the privilege once again of having my father join us as the “lab teacher.” We are so grateful for grandparents who take an active role and interest in our homeschool. Such a blessing!

Here are some photos from our day:

Our specimen: The crayfish- All the specimens and the supplies needed are included in the dissction kit.

Grandpa explaining the parts.

My boys sat in on the lesson. They learned too!


Be sure to follow along on Instagram for our next dissection- the frog and the perch- in just a few weeks!


To learn more about Apologia and their excellent Bible-based curriculum and resources visit www.apologia.com.

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