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We are studying American History this year, and we have always taught from a Christian worldview. From the littlest kids up to the oldest, we use many Christian resources. I have made a list of some resources for you…for all ages!


American’s Providential History

From Sea to Shing Sea

Rush Revere Series

Imagination Station Series

History for Little Pilgrims

America the Beautiful

The Light and Glory

The Light and the Glory for Young Readers: 1492-1787 (Discovering God’s Plan for America)

A City Upon a Hill

Of Plimoth Plantation

This Country of Ours

Beautiful Feet Books: George Washington

Drive Through History DVDs

For You They Signed

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children

John Adams: Independence Forever (Heroes of History)

Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

Stories of the Pilgrims

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

50 Core American Documents: Required Reading for Students, Teachers, and Citizens (FREE)

Faith of our Founding Fathers

Walking with Lincoln: Spiritual Strength from America’s Favorite President

Through Peril and Sword (historical fiction written by a homeschool teen!)




For More History Resources click——> HERE 






Author: Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

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