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I love February! Good bye January, we are one step closer to spring!


A few years ago we started a fun project to focus on love. Each morning in our Bible time we read a scripture that talked about love.  We focused on loving as the Bible tells us, and what the difference is between how the world perceives love and how God teaches us about love.


Each child made their own Valentine mailbox out of a large white envelope.  Then they were hung on each of their bedroom doors.  Everyday, their sibling wrote down one thing that they love about the person on a slip of paper (or cut out heart) and put it in the mailbox. On Valentine’s Day we read through them all.

Here are some pictures:


Ethan just tried to write his name in glue 🙂





And if you would like to follow along with our 14 Days of Love, download the scriptures here!

 14 Days of Love Verses 

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