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Hot! Teaching Math Using the Bible

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One of the subjects we do not use the Bible as our text is math. We use Math-U-See for each child’s level. However, there are plenty of ways that we supplement with activities based in the Bible for math for extra practice.

Since we are studying Genesis, we have studied Creation through the Joseph thus far.  Here are some corresponding math activities for various levels that go along with these studies. I really enjoy adding in extra things like this to tie everything together.

  • Days of the week/calendars/ orderliness- especially for the little ones
  • Determine the size of Noah’s ark in comparison to various real life place/things- you can even visit a football field (Noahs ark was 450 ft. or 1.5 football fields) to give an idea of length
  • practice counting by two’s since Noah brought each animal in pairs
  • research the number seven and its Biblical meaning
  • ordinal numbers and the importance of order (Creation)
  • Genesis 5 Math problems based on the generations from Adam to Noah
  • Genesis Math Problems (part 2)
  • counting games based on 40 (from Noah’s ark, 40 days/nights)
  • calculate how long Noah and his family were on the ark based on Genesis 6-9
  • practice sorting with little ones -based on Creation study and animal classification
  • Tower of Babel Math Game 
  •  There is a math worksheet here relating to Joseph from Biblewise
  • Another worksheet putting the events in numerical order from the story of Joseph

Articles and Resources about Biblical Math

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Karen DeBeus

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Karen! You have really helped me!! I am HIGHLY considering using Bible as my main text (of course, Math was my big Q to you during the summer!). We just started our next school year today, because I knew that I couldn’t do it all this year and I already had their Abeka Math, English, and Spelling (since I buy 3 years in advance), but with a year to plan, I think that I could lay out Math and Language assignments for my children and continue to use Answers in Genesis Science and History series (since I LOVE IT and it is LOADED with Bible!). Super excited as you began sharing all this last year and it continued to press on my heart to just DO IT. God bless!!

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