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  • Big List of Bible Based Resources

    BIG List of Bible-Based Resources By Age

    I am so excited to share this list of Bible-based homeschooling resources grouped by age! Many of these we have used, and many I have added based on reviews. I pray it helps your family choose good resources that are in line with a Bible-based homeschool. There are many literature books, a few of my favorite curriculum choices, and some others that are appropriate for a Christian homeschool. I would love to grow the list, […]

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    Simplifying Back to (Home) School

    It’s that time of year…time to break out the fresh new planner, the blank lesson plans, and the newly sharpened pencils! Oh, the joy of a fresh start! This is the year it will be different…this is the year we will get it right!   Then, we get overwhelmed and distracted and quickly the joy is lost. Are you planning your new year? Are you wanting this to be the year where you finally get it right?   Well, guess what homeschool […]

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