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Hot! Sight & Sound Theatres: The Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip!

this post may contain affiliate links.

This is a sponsored post. I received tickets for my family to attend Sight & Sound Theaters’ production of Jonah in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and are not in any way affected by sponsorship.

Sight and Sound Theatres

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We recently saw Jonah at Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA and I left the show in tears. I can honestly say that no other live production has done the same thing to me, except when we saw Joseph at Sight and Sound two years ago.

It was just that amazing.


Sight & Sound is a truly amazing experience for so many reasons. With over 40 years of experience producing shows based on Biblical truths, it is a brilliant combination of musical theater, spectacular sets with LIVE animals, and most importantly, shows with a purpose.

It took me a few days to even write this post because I truly left the theater speechless. It is difficult to put in words just how much the show affected me.

Family Friendly Entertainment

First and foremost, as a family that chooses our entertainment carefully in a world filled with immoral movies and shows, Sight & Sound is truly an experience the entire family can enjoy without having to worry about inappropriate content. But to take it further, the presentation of the Biblical stories with a message of Christ, goes beyond entertainment. It is truly unique in this way.

Production-wise there is nothing like Sight & Sound. The sets for this show were beyond anything I can describe. The theater literally comes to life with sets that surround the sides of the theater and are immense and extreme. They move all over the stage and are indescribable. At one point you actually feel like you are under water with Jonah, and as the whale (an enormous puppet) swims throughout the entire audience, the theater is filled with “whooooaaaas” from all!

A Gospel-Centered Show

Sight & Sound is by far the most professional and brilliant live show I have ever seen. But beyond that is the message. The Gospel is clearly presented and each show is based on a Biblical story. Even though some creative license is taken within the stories at times (minimally), the core of each story is the truth from the Bible. 

Jonah was spectacular and we were mesmerized by the dancing, singing, and stage performances. Yet, the message of the show left me in tears.We truly experienced the Bible come to life, and I didn’t expect to feel so overwhelmed with emotion. Yet, the songs combined with the truths that hit home were phenomenal.

Here are some fun facts about the production of Jonah:

● Jonah’s cast features more than 50 actors–after auditioning hundreds of actors
from across the U.S.
● Jonah’s nearly three dozen live animals include sheep, Highland cattle, alpacas,
camels, llamas, a sheep dog, miniature donkeys, birds, horses (of course) and . . . a
● Jonah’s all-original music is the collaboration of multiple artists, recorded in
Prague, The Czech Republic, by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Actors on stage
sing live.
● Among the 70-plus set pieces is 30,000-pound ship, one of the largest set pieces in
Sight & Sound’s history.
● Production teams worked two years to perfect Jonah’s underwater and storm
● The more than 1,500 conventional lights in each performance include 102
automated and 36 LEDs with 100 color changes, requiring five miles of cable; 1,200
dimmers respond to more than 400 light cues.
● Sight & Sounds’ staff designers and seamstresses created the show’s 408 costume
designs for 830 costumes. Jonah’s costumes amount to 8,860 yards of fabric
(enough to wrap the theatre 33 times), 7,360 snaps, 530 wigs, and 217 beards and


A Beautiful Theater

I also wanted to add a bit about the theater itself. Form the moment you enter the lobby, it is pristine. The tasteful decor, the friendly atmosphere, and not to mention the divine treats :)  available at the concessions are delightful.


Coming in March 2018 to Lancaster, PA: “Jesus”

We are already planning to return in 2018 to see the new production set to begin in March 2018: That show is titled, “Jesus.” I can’t wait!


There is nothing like Sight and Sound. It was the ultimate homeschool field trip for us! We are so grateful for the opportunity.

Sight and Sound has two locations: Lancaster, PA and Branson MO. Head over to their website for more info and to purchase tickets!

Sight & Sounds Theatres

Here is my Facebook Video with some more of our experience:



Karen DeBeus

Karen is the author of Simply Homeschool, Called Home, and Bible Based Homeschooling. She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling families on their journey to keep their eyes on the One who called them here. She can also be found blogging about all things simple at Simply Living for Him.

Please ALWAYS check prices first before purchasing as they may change from the time published here. All resources are not necessarily things I have personally used, rather my intention is to share biblical based resources that can be used for each individual family's preference. Posts may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure for my details. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by email!


  1. Hi Karen, We’ve never been to Sight & Sound, but we’ve watched several of their shows, including Jonah, on PureFlix. Our kids love them. We missed Samson last year. My middle one loves him! We’re in MD, so we may take a day trip to Lancaster to see “Jesus”. I’ve been running from putting my kids into school. We’ve been homeschooling for three years, now, and I’m scared.

    My two youngest ones have never been in school, and my oldest would probably be put behind a year for reading. (She’s doing well now, but she’s not up to 3rd grade level, yet). My middle one, who’s in 2nd grade and is at grade level will be put into 1st grade bc of the age requirements for public schools in MD. However, homeschoolers are exempt from the Sept 1st age requirement to start Kindergarten. She has expressed that she doesn’t want to go to school at all. My husband thinks I’m running from homeschooling, but I’m not so sure. I’ve gotten excellent state reviews in the past and reviewers have suggested that I should publish workbooks of my own because I make my own worksheets. These are reasons why my husband believes I should continue (along with the children getting a Christian-based education). I just want to be where God wants me (and my family) to be.

    I’ve been praying because I know that God’s plan is best. I knew that your video would have a message for me. God uses you when I need to hear from Him about homeschooling, especially when I’ve wanted to give up. Your messages kept me going. This time is no different – doing what God wants is where I am, now. I let my husband listen in a little. He thinks your message – the part about doing what God is calling us to do – is related to God calling me to homeschool. I think it may be about putting them in school and me running from that. Still praying about it, but thanks, Karen, for sharing your experience!

    • Oh, wow. Thanks for reaching out. The only way to be sure of what God wants is to remain in HIM. Listen to Him above all else. And when you are not sure, just keep praying and stay in the Word. Turn off all outside voices until His is clear. I am praying for you right now. My goal is always to point others to Jesus and not to myself and I pray that my words only lead you to Him more! :)

  2. Please send info for the play Jesus and others

  3. Please send info for the play Jesus and others to my email

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