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    31 Days of Praying for Your Homeschool

    Several years ago I had this free printable available, and it was also part of the appendix in my book, Called Home. Last year when I re-released the book, we updated this section without the actual verses. Because of my desire to have women in the Word on their own, we just included the verse reference so that you can look up the verses on your own and in the translation of your choice. There […]

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    Will She Be Prepared?

    Two summers. My baby girl has two summers left before she is officially a bonafide adult and graduated from this journey of homeschooling. And actually, we are in one of those summers right now. So I guess that makes it one and a half summers?  Sigh. With each beautiful summer sunset, we get one day closer to the sun setting on a journey that has been so special for us. And the sun also rises on […]

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    Apologia Sale!

    One of my very favorite publishers, Apologia, is having a fabulous sale! Don’t miss it! We have used their science for elementary, middle, and high school for years. It is our very favorite!

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    Summer School

    Right now we are Summer Schooling! I love summer. The slower paced schedule and the time outside. Everything in bloom. So much to discover. The warm nights. The sunshine. The yummy treats. I love it all! Our schedule is slow and our formal books may be closed, but I’ve seen that we are learning just as much as any other time of year.  I’ve watched my kids in the garden, observing the plants each day. […]

  • Great, big, super- duper list of the BEST Homeschool Resources

    Great Big, SUPER-DUPER, Deluxe List of Homeschool Favorites!

                                          As we wind down this school year and look ahead to next year, I have some new favorites to add to our curriculum. I have put together a list below with lots of goodies I have shared over the years with some new favorites mixed in! We haven’t used every single one, but those I have […]

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    Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

    This sweet book is on sale today! Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin Inspired by the #1 hit song “Good Good Father,” as heard on Chris Tomlin’s new album   You’ve heard a thousand stories of what the good King is like. Now discover His great love for your child!    

  • Give Your Child the World

    Give Your Child the World

      Give Your Child the World I just started reading this and I highly recommend grabbing it while it is just $1.99 Featuring a carefully curated reading treasury of the best children’s literature for each area of the globe, as well as practical parenting suggestions and inspiration, Give Your Child the World helps moms and dads raise insightful, compassionate kids who fall in love with the world and are prepared to change it for good. Young […]

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    A Proverb a Day – Devotional and Doodles – Thirty-one Days: Letters from Nora – A Therapeutic Coloring Book & Devotional Journal for Christian Women … & Faith through God’s Word) (Volume

    This beautiful book is half-price right now! A Proverb a Day – Devotional and Doodles – Thirty-one Days: Letters from Nora – A Therapeutic Coloring Book & Devotional Journal for Christian Women … & Faith through God’s Word)  A Therapeutic Coloring Book & Devotional Journal for Christian Women 31 Letters from Nora Apple SALE! Normal Price $14.50

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    My Most Important Advice to Any Homeschooler

    Over the years, I have been asked many times what my biggest piece of advice for any homeschooler is. I have learned most of these the hard way and am always quick to answer with these top pieces of advice: Don’t compare your homeschool to anyone else’s. Stick with a curriculum that works. Be flexible. Enjoy the journey. Your relationship with your kids is a priority, even before academics. Engage with your children. Don’t try […]

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