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  1. Thank you so much for launching this blog. It has already been a help to us in our homeschool, this very morning! I just had to check out Spelling City on your recommendation. I registered for the free portion and immediately created lists for my 8yo. She has already tried it out and she thought is was really neat that it had her very own spelling lists from her curriculum. I think this will be a great tool for her. Thanks so much!

    Homeschool mom of 2 in Texas

  2. Hello. I love your resources that you offer; but could I please offer a suggestion? Would you mind please letting us know wheather they are printable e-book (free), or on Kindle, or actual hard copy books? I would appreciate it very much as I don’t have a Kindle and was disappointed when i got on Amazon to find that they CM books were ONLY on Kindle (e-books) and NOT the hard-copy books. Thank you so much!!! Blessings, Talia

  3. I’m a homeschooling grandma and really enjoy reading about all these resources. I’d like to win some. God bless you!

  4. Hi Karen!
    I wanted to let you know that I found a neat resource online. When I signed up for the email newsletter on the Foundations Press website, they gave a free eBook titled “A Biblical Home Education.” I thought that would be something worth sharing with your readers, if you’d like to do so. Thank you for blessing me daily with your encouragement!

  5. Hi – I’d like to let you and your readers know of a free blog site which gives discussion and activity ideas related to the Bible. Happy teaching – happy learning!

  6. I am trying to purchase a picture and I do not want to set up a PayPal account. Is that my only option?

  7. just purchased your copy work of Pharaoh Akhenaton and the words were all black. Please help!

  8. Karen,
    You are such an inspiration.I first purchased your ebook Simply Homeschool and I was hooked. I love your books so very much also I love getting Google+ updates from you. Thank you for sharing your talents and blessing us all. <3

  9. Does your books have scripture in them and if so, what version of the bible do you use?
    Thank you!

  10. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is free for Kindle Right now!

  11. So glad you have a podcast. It is always a pleasure to hear your words and heart of encouragement.

  12. I was trying to get the new E book but I do not know if I am suppose to copy it or get it through Amazon. I got one through Amazon.
    Please let me know if I need to copy so I can get started

  13. Thank you for your encouragement..Loved listening to your podcast!
    Thank you again!

  14. Karen, hope you are enjoying your new home. I hope one day we can chat on the phone. U met me at a small homeschool conference once in franklinville , nj and I an thankful for your encouragement and tips! You are a blessing. Email me when you get a minute. cccalabrese@hotmail.com ( thanks- Clara) I would like to purchase all your books! 😉 I’m sure they are all helpful!

  15. I was so blessed to hear you this weekend at TTDNashville! Can’t wait to dig in here and spend some time in prayer about this idea for our family.

  16. Hey I love your site.I am also exploring and just drop on your website and I like it. I also would like to start a home school and saw that your resources are just what I need. Could you be able to help?

  17. Hello,
    My wife and I are homeschool parents looking to use the bible as our main textbook, we don’t fully understand how to do this. We have a 16,13 and 11 year old. Is there a number we can call for information about ordering curriculum materials. Thank you.

    • I do not have materials. This is simply a method I used for one year in our homeschool. There is a free ebook outlining how I did it, at the top of the blog menu, under ebooks.
      We really let God lead us in the decision, I would suggest praying about it.
      Let me know if that helps.

  18. Hi Karen, I would LOVE to send you some FREE Coloring Bible Study Workbooks to review and possibly give away as “prizes.” Would this be possible??

    **** Although the word “Adult” is in the title of my Adult Coloring Bible Studies- the workbooks are actually PERFECT for home school.

    Here is information about my studies:

    No matter their age, background, or social status, all individuals share one deep and powerful need- the need to be loved. Love in itself is a very dominant and intense force. It drives people’s decisions and actions all throughout their lives. It is this desire that can ultimately guide individuals closer to the heart of Jesus.

    It is when this “drive” pulls people away from God that problems begin to arise. It is when individuals take their eyes off of Christ that emptiness and desperation begin to grow in their hearts.

    Bible Stories from the Heart is motivated to help individuals of all ages use this drive to grow closer to God. We want to teach people everywhere that TRUE LOVE comes from God alone. The Bible is actually FULL of God’s LOVE. God’s Word is in fact a huge “Love Letter” written to us from our Heavenly Father himself.

    Our goal at Bible Stories from the Heart is for individuals to both comprehend and feel the incredible love of their heavenly Father. Our Coloring Bible Studies are written specifically for this purpose. Each lesson we write; including the focus scriptures, Bible history, poetry, discussion questions, reflection activities and meditative coloring page, are designed for this one purpose- to help all people experience the magnificent LOVE of God!

    Are you ready to introduce your family and home school children to a unique new Bible study experience- if so, we would love for you to try Bible Stories from the Heart.

    You can also see our Bible Stories from the Heart Adult Coloring Bible Studies on Amazon

    We would LOVE to send you a free sample!

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  19. I found your site via your book, Called Home. It is the best book on homeschooling I have read so far! I was wondering if you had a printable of the journal in the back? I have the kindle edition and can’t print it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

  20. I love the Nativity Calendar but I cannot find the 2017. Do you have that one?

  21. Hi! I just found your site and it is an answer to prayer. Very encouraging to me where I am right now :) I wanting to download your 31 prayers for your homeschool, but it says file not found. Is there any way I could get a copy?

  22. hi Karen,
    I am searching for a new Bible curriculum and came across your Teaching with God’s Heart for the World (I had found it previously but it didn’t “fit” my plans at the time) and am planning on implementing it for my new year. I love how it covers more than just Bible. I’m curious to see how much more you cover besides this curriculum? I assume you would do a separate maths and language arts. Is that it? Would you do history as well, or would that be too much? I currently do maths, language arts, history, science, Bible. I look forward to hearing your response :)

    • This is not my curriculum. I shared about it with links to the publisher. My website here often shares resources from around the web for Christian homeschoolers, but they are not mine :) I suggest reaching out to the publisher with your questions. :)

  23. Hi Karen!
    I remember listening to one of your podcasts and you mentioning that you had little tags made up that people could print during the Christmas season or anytime that you would leave a person after an act of kindness was done. I can’t seem to find them on your website. Could you tell me where I could find those?

    I also want to mention that you have been a true blessing to our family with your words of wisdom :)

  24. Hi Karen
    I would like to contact you privately about my homeschool. How do I do that?
    Thank you

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