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    Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

    this post contains affiliate links Movie Review Monumental: In Search of America’s  Treasure I had heard about this move for a long time now, and since this year we are studying American History, I thought it would be the perfect time to watch it. I am so glad we did! This Kirk Cameron documentary is really inspiring. I love learning about the Pilgrims and their perseverance and strong faith. It is convicting to say the […]

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    Valley of the Shadow- Civil War Film By Homeschoolers!

    I received an email from this incredible young woman with info regarding Valley of the Shadow– a homeschooler, who together with her siblings  produced a Christian feature film that takes place during the Civil War. It was written by a 16  year old! It has been in several film festivals and has won a couple of awards. What a fantastic resource for Christian homeschoolers! Won’t you go and support this endeavor? Head over to like their Facebook page […]

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    SAVE Up to 50% at Compass Classroom

      Compass Classroom has all of their video curriculum UP TO 50% off right now! Here are some examples:         Click below to visit Compass Classroom:                        

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    FREE Episodes of The Bible Comes Alive From Compass Classroom

    this post contains affiliate links Compass Classroom has several freebies available including 2 FREE episodes of Your Story Hour- The Bible Comes Alive Series! Click below for more info: (Once on the page, CLICK ON FREE DOWNLOADS to find the free episodes and more freebies!)   Tracks include: The Boy and the Giant Mary of Nazareth              

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    FREE Download from Answers in Genesis

    this post contains affiliate links FREE Video Download from Answers in Genesis! USE COUPON CODE TRUSTING (this is for the download only. Save $5 on the DVD)     In this DVD, Ken Ham challenges Christians to hold a high view of Scripture—all of Scripture. He examines Genesis 1:2–5 and other Bible passages to gain a firm grasp on the Bible’s authority and authenticity. The undermining of God’s Word will have lasting effects on future […]

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    Moore Family Films

    this post contains affiliate links   Faith-Centered Family Films I have reviewed Moore Family Films in the past, and I recommend them if you are looking for faith-centered films. They have several DVDs to choose from as well as the A-B-C Say It With Me for Bible memorization. Head over and check out Moore Family Films!  

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    FREE Beth Moore Video Downloads

    Right now Lifeway is offering FREE downloads of Beth Moore’s Breaking Free videos! Head over and check it out:

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    FREE One Month Trial for Netflix

    We love using Netflix to watch videos in our Bible based homeschool. We stream it right through the TV to watch instant downloads for school or just for fun! Right now you can get a FREE one month trial! Our Netflix Favorites: Prince of Egypt Joseph: King of Dreams Drive Through History MythBusters National Geographic Movies PBS Documentaries Discovery Channel …and more!  

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    Half Price On Moore Family Films Downloads!

    Looking for some family films? Check out Moore Family Films. Right now you can get 50% off their downloads:

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