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    The Kingdom of God

    this post contains affiliate links The Kingdom of God (Theology in Community) is only $0.99 today- reg. $12.99 for Kindle edition!  The Theology in Community series assembles teams of scholars to explore key theological themes and apply them to contemporary concerns. Each volume approaches a topic from the vantage points of the Old and New Testaments, and historical, systematic, and practical theology. The books draw upon a variety of contributors to craft a unified and accessible […]

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    Delighting in the Trinity

        this post contains affiliate links Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith on sale for Kindle! In this brief and winsome book, Michael Reeves presents an introduction to the Christian faith that is rooted in the triune God. He takes cues from preachers and teachers down through the ages, setting key doctrines of creation, the person and work of Christ, and life in the Spirit into a simple framework of the […]

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    this post contains affiliate links   Save $17 on Five Views on Apologetics (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology) at Amazon today! The goal of apologetics is to persuasively answer honest objections that keep people from faith in Jesus Christ. But of several apologetic approaches, which is most effective? Five Views on Apologetics examines the ‘how-to’ of apologetics, putting five prominent views under the microscope: Classical, Evidential, Presuppositional, Reformed Epistemology, and Cumulative Case. Offering a forum for presentation, critique, […]

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    My Daily Pursuit: Devotions for Every Day by A.W. Tozer

    this post contains affiliate links   My Daily Pursuit: Devotions for Every Day by A.W. Tozer is on sale today! One of the 20th century’s most prolific and inspiring communicators has become one of the 21st century’s most prophetic and popular writers.  Thanks to the careful curation of James L. Snyder, a pastor in Tozer’s church denomination who has exclusive access to a treasure trove of unpublished Tozer content, we have Tozer’s teachings on a vast […]

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    Understanding Spiritual Warfare

      this post contains affiliate links Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views is on sale for Kindle today. The topic of spiritual warfare is an issue of ongoing interest in a number of sectors of the contemporary church. This four-view work brings together leading theologians and ministry leaders to present major views on spiritual warfare in dialogical fashion–all authors present their views and then respond to each of the other views. Contributors include: • Walter Wink with […]

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    The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon FREE for Kindle

    this post contains affiliate links The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon (Long Line of Godly Men Profiles) FREE for Kindle! The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon is a passionate call for all Christians to follow Spurgeon in maintaining the proper balance between divine sovereignty in salvation and fiery passion in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Get it here: The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon (Long Line of Godly Men Profiles)

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    Six Books By Charles Spurgeon in a Single Collection- $0.99 for Kindle

    this post contains affiliate links Christian Classics: Six books by Charles Spurgeon in a single collection, with active table of contents [Annotated] just $0.99 for Kindle! About This Charles Spurgeon Collection: • Optimized for Kindle • Active Table of Contents – Quick and easy navigation to each book and chapters • Charles Spurgeon Biography – The man behind the book This collection includes 6 books by Charles Spurgeon: 1. All of Grace All of Grace is […]

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    Introducing Covenant Theology

    this post contains affiliate links Introducing Covenant Theology on sale for Kindle today! Since biblical times, history is replete with promises made and promises broken. Pastors and teachers know the power of the covenant, and they know that understanding the concept of covenant is crucial to understanding Scripture. They also know that covenant theology provides the foundation for core Christian beliefs and that covenants in their historical context hold significance even today. But to laypeople and […]

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    A Little Book for New Theologians

    this post contains affiliate links A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology just $0.99 for Kindle! “For many Christians the word theology is synonymous with abstruse, irrelevant and boring. In this jewel of a book, Kelly Kapic shows that theology is really, as the Puritan William Ames said, ‘the science of living in the presence of God.’ This is a great primer both for new students of theology and for those well practiced […]

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