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    Biblical and Affordable Alternatives to Healthcare

    Affordable and Biblical Healthcare With the rising cost of healthcare these days, many of us are looking for more affordable alternatives. Premiums are doubling for countless families, out of pockets costs are higher than ever, and the endless paperwork is frustrating.This is why we are so thankful that a few years ago, we made the switch from traditional healthcare to a Christian healthcare sharing program. There are three main healthcare sharing programs that I know […]

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    Rent Homeschool Curriculum! Yellow House Book Rental

    this is a sponsored post. I received compensation for this post, but it in no way has affected by honest opinion. Rent Homeschool Curriculum? Brilliant! Homeschoolers (at least this one) are notorious for buying too much curriculum. You know, we get those shiny catalogs each Spring and then those homeschool convention halls are just so beautifully adorned with so many amazing choices! I know in the past have been quite guilty of wanting to try […]

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    Apologia Biology for 9th Grade

    Apologia Biology for 9th Grade I have received the following products for review. I have provided an honest review and in no way have altered my review based on compensation.    As many of you know we have started high school officially this year! For science, we have chosen to use Apologia’s Biology curriculum since we have been using Apologia for most of our homeschool journey! Well, so far this curriculum does NOT disappoint. Apologia always […]

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    Violin Starter Set for Kids – On Sale Now!

    Perfect for beginners, this Violin Starter Set contains everything your child needs to play the violin.   What’s more, it includes a great teacher, the award-winning eMedia My Violin interactive Win/Mac CD-ROM. Available in three sizes so kids as young as 5 can learn to play! Here’s what Kole, age 11, has to say about the Violin Starter Set for Kids.   Kole has a point – what is the difference between a fiddle and […]

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    Educational Apps for Homeschool: Atomidoodle

    This is a paid review. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time. However, all opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review. Education Apps for Homeschool: Atomidoodle from Hero Factor Games I am excited about this new educational app from Hero Factor Games. As most boys do, my sons love the iPad. They are constantly asking to play, even though I have limited their time […]

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