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    Pray Over Your Christmas Cards

    What to do with all of those Christmas cards? Even after Christmas, don’t throw them away…Save them and use them to pray for one family each day. Select one each day as the family you will pray for! As you write them out, pray for each person. As you receive them in the mail, pray for each person. Make this Christmas more meaningful by covering those people in your life in prayer.       […]

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    FREE Resources from Teach Them Dilgiently

    this post contains affiliate links Have you seen the FREE resources that Teach Them Diligently is offering? Learning in Spite of Labels, A Prayer Guide, AND a FREE Audio of Days of Creation! Teach Them Diligently is the premiere homeschool convention in the nation! It is for the WHOLE family. Don’t miss it!                  

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    31 Days of Prayer for My Teen

    this post contains affiliate links Got teens? 31 Days of Prayer for My Teen: A Parent’s Guide FREE for Kindle right now! Parents of teens today face overwhelming challenges. Whether a model child out in a dangerous world or a rebellious maverick who’s breaking mom and dad’s hearts, every teen needs prayer. But where do parents start? Susan Yates offers parents a clear-cut and simple plan for praying for their teens. 31 Days of Prayer for My […]

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    The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer FREE for Kindle today!

    this post contains affiliate links The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer FREE for Kindle today!   Throughout his ministry, Andrew Murray passionately prayed and taught people about prayer. In this volume he combines his devotional writing with his only study guide on prayer: “Pray Without Ceasing.” His simple but profound goal is teaching Christians how to change the world through the powerful ministry of intercession. The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer        

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    FREE Prayer Guide

    FREE Prayer Guide this post contains affiliate links Get your FREE Praying With Paul Prayer Guide from Intoxicated on Life! This book will be free for a limited time for subscribers! (until January 31, 2014)      There are many places in the Bible to turn for model prayers, but the prayers of the Apostle Paul are some of the richest in the Scriptures. In many of Paul’s letters he specifically tells his churches how […]

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    A Mother’s Guide to Praying for Your Children

    A Mother’s Guide to Praying for Your Children just $0.99 right now!   Most Christian parents pray for their children, but many don’t know how to pray effectively and powerfully. Now, from the coauthor of A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare and The Spiritual Warrior’s Prayer Guide, comes this step-by-step guide to praying faithfully and diligently for precious sons and daughters. The first step is to surrender growing children to the Lord, who longs to partner […]

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    The Homeschool Guide to Raising Prayer-Filled Kids FREE for Kindle!

    The Homeschool Guide to Raising Prayer-Filled Kids FREE for Kindle! One of our main goals as Christian homeschooling parents is to help our children come into a vibrant relationship with Jesus. We want to give them the tools to help them stand strong in an increasingly wicked society. The key is to help them become prayerful people who hold the truths of God’s Word deeply in their hearts. But, how do we get them there? The […]

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    40 Prayers of Praise

    this post contains affiliate links 40 Prayers Of Praise FREE for Kindle right now!   The number 40 has always been significant. Moses sat on the mountain in the presence of God for 40 days. Jesus fasted and prayed in the wilderness during His temptation for 40 days. It rained for 40 days and nights in the flood, and you can bet that Noah prayed on every one of those days! Consider taking the next forty […]

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    FREE Prayer Guide

        Head over to teach Them Diligently for this FREE Prayer Guide. Click below:            

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